Servants Of God Who Use Security Escort For Protection Need Jesus

October 23, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

If you are not happy to be in this Holy gathering, the best place to be is the other church where your rights as a bonafide member of the church is being trampled uponpolice. Well, I found this interesting piece from the archive of Pastor Seyi Ogunorunyinka of (PLRM), it’s an epistle though but not to waste your time reading all, I have decided to have it massacred and summarized in a way that will still pass the message across.

The Bible says that God’s judgment will start from the Church and the altar, so why should we not address our matter even before addressing the politicians, government officials and the general ills of the nation?

The so called servants of God are rather the ones now struggling to get into self-serving relationships with these criminals parading as politicians and government officials, all in the bid to get money from them and have connections to big men in power. It is very sad and disturbing that servants of God have turned themselves into attention seekers, living large at the expense of their exploited members and political patrons.

Is it not shameful that these top pastors have all turned spiritual coaches for the politicians, senior government officials, heads of parastatals, etc?

A church founder, general overseer, president, etc, now needs armed bodyguards around him, even to take a walk within a secure housing estate! How many of them would have attended that same function (where Peter Obi spoke) in their exotic cars with their convoy of escorts, army of protocol officers and armed security details? How would they have felt when he spoke about wastage? Did they feel guilty or sad for themselves?

What is the image a servant of God is trying to project when he has armed security personnel positioned around the altar while he is preaching? How does he expect his congregation to feel? How does he expect people to see him and what does he want them to think? How does he expect Jesus, who he is preaching about, to see him? The same Jesus who went about on foot, looking and dressing like his disciples? The same Jesus who sat amongst the people and walked through the crowd, not minding who would touch Him?

Servants of God who have policemen protecting them really need to think. Do they stop to think of how those same policemen think of them? Do they really see them as real servants of God or just people parading themselves around exploiting money in the name of God and church? Is it because these policemen just collect their money and say nothing? Are we as servants of God, not the last set of people that should be seen with police protection? Do

Today, to see the head of a church, requires one to go through some major protocol – fill forms, meet with a series of junior pastors and if they are lucky, they can ‘qualify’ to eventually meet with the head of their church. This process can take months and in some cases over a year.

How can a member of a church say that they have to wait for months to be able to see the head of their church – who is living a lavish and ostentatious life as a result of the offerings, contributions, etc, of that same member?

Rather than influencing the world and effecting positive changes in society, the church today has allowed the world to influence it, as worldly ideas and ways have now become part of the church.

We were all witnesses to the low moral level sunk by the then CAN President, while Goodluck Jonathan was still the nation’s president – to the point that his private jet was involved in illegal arms dealing!

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