Seyi Solagbade’s Greatest Mistakes Uncovered!

April 11, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 1 Comment »

In Celestial Church fold, Seyi Solagbade is a well-known talented entertainer even beyond the shores of this country. He started the journey into the esoteric world of music at Oluwaseyi Parish, Ijeshatedo, Lagos where he was born and christened. Not many people know that Seyi was named after the Baba Owodunni’s Parish in the 70s. Anyway, that’s a story for another day.

Oluseyi Solagbade became a household name when he led the Makoko choir in an album, ‘Si O Oba Aiku’, the multi-platinum album has remained evergreen. Shortly after that, he moved to Transmission Parish on the invitation of Monday john Odiye popularly called Transmission in 1993 where Seyi and yours truly were in the choir together.

While at Transmission, Ojududu as Seyi is fondly called was neck-deep in love with an equally talented female member of the church, Tayo, they were both at the Central choir together ruling their world. But, something happened along the line, the cookies crumbled and the two lovebirds went their separate ways after having the children together.

But Seyi, in an interview admitted that when he was touring the world singing worldly songs and dazzling the global audience with his sax, his thoughts were, “now I am following my path” but how wrong he was, according to him, “it was the greatest mistake of my life.”

Hear him, “At a time, I was somehow discouraged as a chorister; no assistance, nobody cares about your welfare, education or feeding. Everybody would just come to church, enjoyed the music and go without giving anything back to where they have received the blessings from. That was what really made me to move out of gospel line completely but I did not know that it was a big mistake for me to make that stupid decision. I now discovered that it’s stupid because help cannot come from man without God’s approval. Since then I have not been able to grab something meaningful although I always travel to different countries for shows but because the calling is different and I deviated by choosing my own call, things are not so palatable.”

I am sure this will be a great lesson to the up and coming choir members we have in the fold who think all they need is a talent whereas they need more than a talent to scale through, they need the Holy Spirit too. There is a calling on each and every one of us, if that thing is not obeyed, one may end up wanting even in the midst of plenty.

A lot of our talented youth today have missed their glory because, the talent given to them have been impudently used in a way that has provoked the Holy Spirit. And their shepherds too are dancing to the Satanic tunes they reel out and call them songs. Sometime, I think, the major problem about this church is not leadership alone but attitudes of some of our members.

Drunkenness, fornication, pride, disobedience, idolatry, to mention a few of the things that have caused us to be stagnant for over 33 years. May God continue to lift our spirit up. Amen.

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  1. Sam says:

    Makoko’s album was titled “Olúwa Po L’Óore. “

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