She Is Exceptionally Skillful In This Act At 70…A Celestial Role Mother Indeed!

September 7, 2017 / Celestial News Online / MSA / 4 Comments »

How many of the new generation female choristers can be this humble? No doubt, this woman is a Celestial Church’s role Model even at her age, 70, she is so passionate about her calling, beating the clef- Agogo.

A member of the church gave an account of her dexterity in playing agogo, I can bet it, she deserves a standing ovation. A man or woman must be known for something, you can just come to church, ‘Jerimo-wole, Jerimo-jade’…You must have a particular role you play, it’s so important.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always met her at church…in the choir barricade…on that instrument.

she doesn’t know me, and she might not even know what Facebook is, let alone what it entails but I found it necessary that she should be applauded, even though, you know her not.

Her prowess and skill on that instrument is second to none, let those young dudes on drums race up the tempo to whatever, she’s there with them…let the pianist and other percussionists and whosoever misses counts, she’s their last resort to getting back on track.

Sure she’s beyond 70 but her steadiness is never faulty.

Anytime I’m at home for midweek services, she’s always there on her instrument even for youth vigils when you expect all those youngsters to be doing anyhow, she’s on her instrument still…she doesn’t clamour for microphone, she needs not extra speaker. She boosts the resonating sounds from that instrument of song reaches far and beyond..why?..she beats them to volume and plays them melodiously.

I wouldn’t doubt her Christian life; it takes grace to play such instrument with a rank of Mother Celestial after the age of 70. Please help me applaud this Celestial Role Model.

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4 responses to “She Is Exceptionally Skillful In This Act At 70…A Celestial Role Mother Indeed!”

  1. Adebiyi says:


  2. Mrs Ola says:

    She is blessed and will remain a blessing

  3. Olomoplenty Tayeshe1 says:

    Is her kind that needs an award of Steadfastness. May Jehovah Almighty bless her with more healthy years in the vineyard…..Ameeen.

  4. Sup Ev (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa. says:

    May the Lord bless Mama for her steadfastness in worshiping God. Amen.

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