Shepherd Conducting Naming Ceremony In The House: Is That Constitutional?

April 4, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 7 Comments »

Wonders, they say, shall never end. One of our female members, Tofunmi Ifeoluwa from Ijebu Ode, just filed in a report that shocked me. It’s indeed something I have never heard before since my day 1 in Celestial Church. Well, it’s likely there might be an exceptions, I hope those who know more than us can enlighten us about why a shepherd must perform the Christening rite at home as against the message of Luke 2:21

“Just this afternoon I was going out to buy something in the neighborhood, when I heard the CREED being recited, I thought within me it could be the Anglican or Catholic, but to my dismay after the CREED, I heard JEHOVAH, JESU KRISTI , MICHAEL MIMO, this aroused my interest and I decided to go further, low and behold, i saw a well-known CELESTIAL Church Shepherd under a canopy with about other Four(4) members conducting a christening service, in front of the house where the family of the newborn baby resides. There was a male prophet carrying the baby, and giving message, with a basin of water and lighted 7 candles on a table…the mother of the baby was there right in front of them, please my fellow Celestial members, is there a new doctrine that permits this? Is there any Celestial body/committee that sees to this?

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7 responses to “Shepherd Conducting Naming Ceremony In The House: Is That Constitutional?”

  1. Kunle onward says:

    Some conditions may warrant it,and it can be acceptable by God not by man, that is if it’s not intentional

  2. Peter AA says:

    There is no constitution or tenet that is cast on stone, even our normal church services with divine order are sometimes changed, shorten or prolonged depending on the circumstances. I have been a Celestial for over 3 decades, I remember during the June 12 crises boiling point when some of the church services were cancelled for the safety of members. I remember when we had a solemn new moon service which was devoid of the usual singing n drumming because of a loss of the church neighbour who was a muslim. I now resides in South Africa, I have witness cases of naming done at home because the nearest CCC was about 300km. We could have gone to any church or call any pastor but because we are committed to CCC it was conducted by CCC prophet. I am not encouraging the violation of the church constitution but there are exception to every rule and if the exception is genuine we should not condemn.
    The church design for example in Nigeria is unique and that is what the constitution states but go to Europe, America , South Africa where I resides, we rent building and we sometimes can not design the church structure, entrance, Altar position etc according to the constitution. That is a violation of the constitution I guess, should we stop serving God because we can not position the Altar to where the sun rises. Should the mother and the new born be deprived of a name because of circumstances even thou the story did not investigate why the naming was held at home.

  3. Sup snr Evang moses lamidi says:

    Please and please there has never been such thing in CCC since my day 1. I was 19 years old when I joined and u can guess my age by now. I became a Shepherd my years back. If the husband agreed to allow his wife to become a member and doesn’t want to name his child in ccc, it is permitted instead of rubbishing the tenet of the fold.

  4. Sylvanus Aihonsu says:

    Yes and Yes, you may not have heard of it or seen it BUT it does happen and well accomodated ONLY with GENUINE REASONS like religious / denominational differentiation. In a situation whereby the husband (father of the baby) is not a Celestial member for any personal reasons but allow his wife (baby’s mother) to attend Celestial. In most such cases, the child has 2 naming sessions (dad’s religious norms and mum’s way -Celestial). Many non- members had become members by this. Such naming sessions are usually very short compared to church’s

  5. OluwatoPraise OBATULA DARLINGTON says:

    Well it depend on the circumstance (s) that surround that event and we need to ask questions before Condemning the Shepherd and his Elders in Question.

    1) May be the Wife is a CELESTIAL and the Husband is not but to Pleased his wife he agreed on the condition is done @ Home.

    2) Maybe Someone Just DIED in that Parish and the Parents refused going to another Parish for the Naming which I can’t OBJECT TO PERSONALLY because…..

    3) My LAST CHILD, 16 now, was not named in the Church because then, we had Just 1 Parish and there was an issue going on there but for her Thanksgiving Service, we did that in France @ Superior Ranti OLORUNSOLA’s Parish BOUNDY

    I kept her messages and follow them till date.

    So as I said, it depend on the circumstance of the day. May Jehovah Almighty Bless the Child in Question and use him/her for his Glory….. Alafia

    #YeyeOlomoPlenty #JesusBabe1luv Brussels-BELGIUM Cares for all.

  6. Bisi says:

    Unbelievable! I don’t know what actually wrong with our people.

  7. PEACE says:

    I am really hoping to be enlightened by God fearing Celestial members on the dangers of Celestial parents having a Baby Christened at home instead of the church and the importance of having the Mother sit outside the Church

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