Shepherd/Prophet Who Engages In This Act, You Should Reconsider Your Calling

August 13, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Saints & Sinners / 1 Comment »

Numerous sheep have been kept under your care so that you can care for them with God’s Word as a servant of God and a representation of God on earth. Even if you know how to accomplish something, there are some things you should never undertake because they go against biblical principles.

You should have no worries in this world as a faithful servant of God since the God you truly serve would supply all of your necessities as a prophet or shepherd. God would not descend from heaven to give you money or a car, but would instead give you something equivalent, such as the power that could be converted into a vast sum of money.

It is alarming how frequently shepherds and prophets use their purported spiritual authority, raising questions about whether or not that authority originates from God. When they came to you for the case to be dispersed at court, you were brief about how a guy had committed murder voluntarily and you understood the man was obliged to pay for his sin as a shepherd or prophet.

However, because of money, you accepted and dispersed the case with a spiritual myth.

Because of a frequent prostitute, you know who came to you for influence to bind his wealthy sugar daddy and make him forget about his family. You continued the task, and the authority you bestowed caused the man’s destiny to be sealed. What you do has caused sorrow for the man’s children.

All of our actions—both private and public—are observed by God. Don’t perform actions that go against biblical norms in the name of God or by using your position as a shepherd or prophet. In the Kingdom, Lukewarmness is not permitted. Stop using the name of God and be a shepherd or prophet to pervert evil.

God’s eyes are on you and me in everything we do.


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One response to “Shepherd/Prophet Who Engages In This Act, You Should Reconsider Your Calling”

  1. Tayo Joseph Wolima says:

    Ironically this pervertion is what some Shepherds and Prophets ascribe to themselves as efficacy in their line of work and a sure avenue for financial in flow.
    I’m not sure these classes of spiritual workers understand the in-depth meaning of the Bible. Huuummmmmnn, not everything that is good for the eye is also good as food. God help us.

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