Shepherd Sends Curses To A Nursing Mother For Christening Her Baby In Another Parish

July 30, 2022 / Olaiya / Wordafresh / 2 Comments »


A scenario happened some months back where a shepherd of a parish accused a lady of taking her child to another parish for naming. When she was pregnant that was the parish she was attending but later changed parish for reasons best known to her, but this shepherd was so angry and was saying all manners of things to the lady.

I was asking myself if we are not serving one God. Do parishes in CCC worship differently or is it that there is no God everywhere? Or maybe one is not at liberty to change a parish in peace?

I don’t know why many shepherds take offence when one of their members leaves their parish. Some shepherds would even tell a member that if she or he dares leave the church, calamities are awaiting such people, and they would still stress that until the member comes back to the parish, here comes his or her liberation.

Where do we get this idea from? The moment anybody leaves CCC, the shepherd will be angry and pray for the person’s downfall. Why?

Many members are scared of changing their parish for the fear of the unknown and because they know what happened to those that left, they don’t want the same thing to happen to them.

To the almighty shepherds Allow any members who want to leave your parish in peace. We are on this earth for a mission and no one leaves forever. You feel you can torment your members and get away with it, but remember, you can only torment your members, but you can not torment death. Death is inevitable, whether you like it or not, and you are going to give account to your creator.


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2 responses to “Shepherd Sends Curses To A Nursing Mother For Christening Her Baby In Another Parish”

  1. Concerned member says:

    Obviously the shepherd was wrong to get angry but l can understand why. it’s ungrateful of that woman to do naming ceremony in another parish when she enjoyed the grace of the parish she attended with all the prayers and services performed for successful delivery. The parish she attended should have the opportunity to enjoy also the grace of that event. that’s the right thing to do.

  2. Most Superior Evang Akindude says:

    It is ignorance and lack of training on the part of that Shepherd and sometimes it boils down to poverty. When a parish is not well populated the Shepherds count on every financial support of everyone. Shepherd’s should be paid from a central purse so they should not be under financial stress and result to desperately unwise and ungodly utterances Did the member assure you that he will never leave your parish? Check out the history of parish opening. It’s advised to have at least 33 members. Many of us keep forgetting that.Now we have pastors duping even the Shepherds by charging them thousands of Naira for annointment which naturally is free. God is watching us all. Alleluia

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