How Does Your Shepherd Treat His Wife?

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A Shepherd heads and cares for the flocks in God’s Vineyard, gathering all for God. In Celestial Church of Christ, a Shepherd sees it as a point of duty to give his best to the church members in his parish. But how does he treat his working partner, the Bone of his Bone and the Flesh of his Flesh, his Wife?

Most Shepherds neglect their better-halfs, wives hanging on to their spiritual calling thus starving their wives of the needed attention, affection and passion inherent in a Christian marriage

Findings have revealed that Shepherds are prone to temptations, distraction and seduction from female members and so they need their wives close by but worrisome is the fact that 85%of the Shepherds in Celestial Church do not co-habit with their wives, they prefer living apart, since it’s even forbidden for women to move closer to the altar or engage in any spiritual work in the vineyard except to read the Bible or evangelise in any open crusade. So, they are relegated.

Unarguably, most Shepherds have reduced the importance of their wives to ceremonial escorts…They often have a vain show of oneness to the outside world while it’s a different story entirely inside the home.

A typical example is a Shepherd in a distinct Parish in Lagos State (name withheld) who chooses not to sleep with his wife but sleeps with his concubines, most especially the female church members…. His excuse is that, he’s ‘fortifying himself spiritually’ by neglecting his main marital duties. Now the woman of the home wants to remain steadfast in supplications to God for a peaceful and enjoyable marriage.

Some shepherds go as far as beating their wives at every slight provocation. Most shepherds  base their lack of care and love for their wives on spiritual seclusion and neglect by the authority in which they represent. This is why a lot of them get involved with voodoo and apply all sorts of spiritism to aid the God’s work.

What do you make of a Shepherd with four wives? Can he treat them with an equal share of affection?

Outside Celestial, the issue of TRUST is another paramount issue to look into as most clergymen do not trust their wives as they see them as rivals who may want to overtake the affairs of the church thereby reducing them to figure heads pastors.

Photo for Illustration ONLY.

Aside sex, which is an integral part of a marriage and ultimately to be enjoyed, finance is another rallying point and a determinant of the way a Shepherd treats his wife because her every request maybe seen as being too demanding since the shepherd himself is not well taken care of by the people in the authority.

In our subsequent edition, we shall treat Solutions to Having a Happy and supportive Wife!

Before then, you can simply leave a comment telling us briefly how your shepherd treat his wife!

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10 responses to “How Does Your Shepherd Treat His Wife?”

  1. Kofoworola says:

    Why Did you Put The Pictures of Chief MRS gbokogboko, (husband snatcher) as an illustration picture. This is the problem with my so called people of God. You are talking about Sheperd that are not doing it RIGHT and the picture posted on the topic was that of a so called sheperd girlfriend. Baba that left his legal wife and child of 20+ years of age and moved to nigeria to parade himself with a girlfriend that sat on the left of the picture named Lastbusstop.
    Shepherds huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
    The only True Sheperd is The Lord God!!!!!!!!

  2. tioluwani says:

    my present Shepard treat his wife well.but last two Shepards before him, are nothing to write about. BUT where are we going .

  3. pro Lizzy Yusuf says:

    A bad shepherd will definitely scatter the flock and bring about infirmities and backwardness to the church and its members please report this evil men to the right authorities eg IMC and have them weeded out. Enough of baal prophet in His vineyard

  4. Balogun says:

    Hmmm. My shepherd is a vampire. He is a renowned ogboni. Come to Abuse egba, he is well know with his many wives and comlncubines

  5. Ife says:

    My shepherd is an adulterer, a rogue and a magician. He has slept with my mum, he still does. He is also sleeping with my two elder sister. I don’t know how to tell mummy that in caught him with our 14 years old last born. Mummy thinks she is an angel since daddy dad. I wish I had a gun, I will shoot him from the scrotal balls and he will live in agonizing way for ever

  6. Emem Ojo says:

    @Oluwatopraise Obatula Darlington, for others to learn and be Blessed please do not keep seald lips….like the popular adage which says a closed mouth is a closed destiny.Thanks Dearie.

  7. yomi Newton says:

    The calling should be conjoined and mutual ! When a Shepherd is at the mercy of limited fund and family not taken into consideration ,then anything can evolve .
    Until we learn how to psychologically balance the shepherd and his home ,we are crisscrossing without a purpose.Ask me , I know what am talking and experiencing but all glory to God ,who is ever faithful. The journey of is all about having relationship with God who does the guiding and ensures unlimited provision.

  8. OluwatoPraise OBATULA DARLINGTON says:

    Wonderful!!!! Satisfying the Concubines and staffing his wife Hahahaha can’t stop laughing here….

    There is God oooo heeeee????? me don see plenty jare Lips-Sealed☕☕

  9. Emem Ojo says:

    My Shepherd is a widower and has chosen to remainsingle And steadfast in Christ

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