Shepherds Now Market Self And Not Jesus, Adulterating The Church’s Doctrine – Yeyeoge

September 6, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 22 Comments »

Yeyeoge of Celestial, one of the women in Celestial church who are making waves on social media has shared a write up Yeyeoge Celeconcerning Celestial members’ ways of adulterating the church’s doctrine. She said the preachers or shepherd should move away from going outside the box to bring preachers or singers who are not from the fold, citing Catholic as a typical example who will not bring in another denomination preacher or singer to ‘stain’ that doctrine.

“They should also stop creating personal and selfish Ministries using CCC as umbrella. Why would they inviting ministers from other denominations as if we are not circumcised? How many church denominations invite CCC in Sutanas (white garments) to come and preach in their churches? Stop marketing yourselves but market Jesus Christ and the work of SBJ. SHEPHERDS have started using their own pictures on posters like the Pentecostal……. greed and covetousness.

Luli was what worked for us and not personalities who are there to show off. If you want to show your evangelical and preaching skills go and set up your Pentecostal church and leave CCC alone with our solemn spiritual ways. Our solemn ways are efficacious. Long prayers and powerful and motivational preaching are marketing tools of the Pentecostal churches. Stop borrowing tenets as nothing is wrong with CCC solemn ways of worship. It’s LULI…GRACE simple. Our songs and spiritual revelations are all preaching that have worked. Setting up apostolic Ministries under CCC should stop. If that’s what God has called you for then GET OUT and set up your own church.

In some parishes these days you hardly hear GOD OF SBJ in their supplications. Instead they are building their own castles in the air. It won’t stand.

Our brand is HOLY SPIRIT which is another aspect of the TRINITY. The brand of Pentecostal is the WORD. They are all and same. But EMIMIO LO LE SE, EMIMIO LO LE FUN WA LAYO. Many were envious of CCC because of the abundance and prevalence of THE HOLY SPIRIT. Let’s ask God to forgive and return the prevalence of the LULI and stop trying to be APOSTOLIC AND PENTICOSTAL in our worship.


Is the Catholic not a church and have you seen them polluting their tenets with borrowed tenets? Instead of shouting HALLELLUYAH which is our way …You start hearing… Praise the Lord…Prayer points….hold yourselves and pray for each other….. Put your hands in your pockets and bring out any amount…..start moving round the church and pray…DRAMA UPON DRAMA.

After the usual service, we start another four hours of prayers. Have we lost faith in our service or what….the three members prayers…the seven members prayers…the silent prayers that used to work wonders those days…are they no more efficacious? Why should there be revival after every service instead of the usual ‘adura gbogbo ijo’ that has been effective? why? why? why?

Ojukokoro ….covetousness pure and simple


22 responses to “Shepherds Now Market Self And Not Jesus, Adulterating The Church’s Doctrine – Yeyeoge”

  1. olusho WHYME? says:

    alleluia !!!
    u’re a gud observant,God bless u.
    None shu abuse cele-tenets bcos it is frm HOLYSPIRIT. Celestians shu accept HOLYSPIRIT & 4sake satan& 4sake satanic acts. Cele is superior to other denominations,may CHRIST saves celestial members frm d hands of satanic shepherds,AMEN

  2. Sam says:

    It is “ear to listen or hear”

  3. Sam says:

    You can’t go through a CCC thread online and not be nauseated. The kind of atrocious grammar you come across exposes our deficiencies. When you want to criticize an institution or an individual, you must first be above board.

    The level of illiteracy in CCC is nauseating. You don’t want to invite a preacher from another denomination, but your preachers are half-baked story tellers who can’t string together a meaningful sermon. Every Sunday, the messages are watery like a baby’s stool. Our elders hardly read that’s why they don’t invite them to minister anywhere. The sound ones get invitation from other denominations.

    I advise the people on this thread to first work on their written English. Go and learn to write well, and if you can’t construct proper sentences, type in broken English or Yoruba. I know someone will likely accuse me of oversabi..yes. I sabi. Come and beat me…

  4. Dr.Charles.Abraham says:

    All have spoken well,but my question to the woman “”””Is yeyeoge part of Celestial ranking”””” remember the song “Gbogbo wa ni yo duro niwaju Oluwa at’ewe ati agba a o si rojo wa”. Owo wa loo ku si 2x Olu ijo mimo ti gbe’jo kale,owo wa loo ku si.

  5. Superior evangelist Akinbide says:

    Celestial church of christ, is an heavenly church, nobody can change it to penticostal church . Remember transmission chutch in lagos ,which was sold to redeem ,what happened, exactly 10 after 10 you will hear Jerimoyama. The babalawo sherpered has turned the church to terestial. Gbogbo wa yoo duro niwaju oluwa.

  6. Superior evangelist Akinbide says:

    He or she that have ear,let them hear now.onidajo fere deeeeereeeee.

  7. adeleke michael says:

    God bless you all, both the writer and those that comment . No one can defend God or fight on his behalf. May God of celestial open our eyes and our heart to receive him in full knowledge.

  8. Alaba says:

    God bless you Oladipo, you have said it all. But be reminded that we have Church doctrines and Christian faith doctrine. And to belong to a particular church, you must respect their doctrine.

  9. Olubunmi says:

    Then,dre used to be true worship wit a pure heart,dre was no need to go tru mch stress before prayers r being answered,these days,members r now worshipers of prophets. Yes our brand is d holy spirit,but we stil can’t do witout d word. salvation is not about denomination. we shudnt criticize .The church,denominatn is just a platform to know christ .what’s your personal relationship with God?

  10. GMA. says:

    Incase you didnt get my first writeup, pls read this. As I was saying, the author of this issue and their supporters should be very careful talking blasphemy against the people of GOD who have dedicated themselves to the work of GOD, even if they are not doing it right or doing it for their own interest, the judgement is not for anybody. If you have any comment or observation about the Church or any wrong doing, you can direct your writeup to the Pastors or Parishes concerned, but commenting negatively on the Internet for the whole World to read about your Church amounts to lack of respect for your Church. Your writeup contains so many fallasies and lack of the knowledge of the Bible. There has been many changes in Christendom. Christains are now interacting with each other in so many ways using the Bible as their main guide. I don’t know where you live, but have you ever heard about Christain Association of Nigeria or Christain Assiciation of White Garment Churches etc. Pls I advice you to join Women Bible Studies and Prayer Fellowship or Bible Class nearest to you and be knowledgable and stop disgracing your Church. Please note also that, Choir Cape is a Sacred garment that should be won only during Service, wearing it anyhow is against ILANA.

  11. oladapo. says:

    @jeremiah and olaitan,

    1. Please understand thay ccc is not of this world the doctrine was instructed ny God himself and must not be changed.
    2. God is never old so his instructions cannot be archaic.
    3. Pentecostal pastors believe your church is a cult because they lack understanding of scripture and are following modern western christianity so they will never imderstand ccc..
    4. True celestians are born again and are citizens of heaven. Our ways of life, our mode of worship, all comes from from haven, “omo ijo celestial mimo latorin mimo wa ni”… so you have no authority to say oir waus are archaic are you more m9dern thayn God?who created civilisation? GOD is much older and . Moreodernbthat you yet he chose what he chose for us.
    5. Ccc is not of this world so dont liken it to other churches because there is no church like it. It is jerusalem of heaven on earth it is the wau Hod is worshipped in heaven brought to earth to prepare us on how to wprship when we get to jeaben amd to bring people into the ark of God the last boat to salvation. It was established by the.power of the.blood of jesus….. remember our song?….. nipa agbara eje jesu ni naba fi gbe kale eyin jesu eyin jesu fun jo kehin to sokale, by the power ofblood of jesus that the father stablished it praise ye jesus praise ye jesus for last church he descended.

    5. Those of you who quote and name americam televanhelisys as your.role model have missed your way because non of them is truly Hodly but money mongers and faith peddling money changers. They work for the satanic world government amd all tjey want is money with their fake tv miracles. Enough said please go back amd read your constitution if yo want to be a celestian follow the doctrine to the letter and dont remove one iota of it thats whu the lady said be a celestian or be free to remove your sutana and replace it with a suit , a tie and a pair of shoes. MAY GOD.TEACH US HIS WORD.IJN.

  12. Olaitan says:

    This is a very interesting topic. There is a Yoruba adage that states, “OMO TI KO DE OKO BABA ELOMIRAN NI O MA WI PE, OKO BABA HUN TOBI’. (A CHILD THAT HAS NOT VISITED ANOTHER FATHER’S FARM WILL ALWAYS SAY HIS FATHER’S FARM IS THE BIGGEST). People in Celestial Church of Christ should stop hiding behind ILANA. ILANA will not get you into heaven like the above writer has said. You need to be born again like the good book has told hold us. When different denomination individuals are invited to other denominations is just to share the word of GOD whether you are there in sutana or suit. The main thing is to send the message across. A lot of worshipers in CCC today are not BORN AGAIN. A lot of worshipers think they just come to church to flaunt the best looking sutana or lace and convert other peoples’ possessions such as spouses. We rely on prophets and prophetess to tell us where to go next instead of spiritually having a relation with our GOD and using the prophet’s message as a testimony to what the Lord has already said to you. If you are in spirit with your Lord, you should be the first to get the message. Our children are tired of coming to church because of our drama. We can’t invite outsiders because of our selfish attitudes to conduct the service in our native tongues. We are not sensitive to other’s time. We attend church service for a whole day like we went to work. Common, we stick to all this so-called archaic ILANA and we are not moving forward. We are losing all our tomorrow to pentecostal churches and we are acting like we are not seeing it. We come to church to flaunt our latest fashion and sell it there instead of digesting the WORD. If you ask me, until we wake up from our slumber and carry the Christianity banner, we will just be beating around the bush. Some that call themselves elders can’t even name the books of the bible. When a passage is called, they will have to check the index to get to the book. What a waste. So whether we Celestians are invited to other denominations or other denominations invited to Celestial Church is not the issue. It all about fellowshipping and spreading the gospel which is what our Lord Jesus Christ wants us to do. Not be like Pharisees and judging each other. Yes, there are bad seeds in the CCC but leave them to the Lord to fish them out and punish them. They will not continue to be bad if they are not patronized by people who cannot pray for themselves to get results but seeking for fast answers. Rememeber, there is REACTION to every ACTION. Have you ever asked yourself why CCC does not have a school or even the simplest thing a candle making factory; as much as we burn candle like without it our prayers will not be heard. Stop relying on images to get your prayers across and rely on the words from the good book and call unto the Lord and He will answer you in due time.


  13. jeremiah says:

    I read the interview and I smiled. Let all who read this interview be very careful of all these attitudes of trying to prove wrong teaching please. For example, catholic is not our example or model! Christ and the Bible is our model. Catholic Church centuries ago never even allowed members to read the Bible untill the protestants came out of catholic. The Ijewo Igbagbo being read in CCC had been the ijewo igbagbo being read in anglican, methodis for hundreds of years. Is Christ divided? Even Bible preached against division. Baba Oshofa himself was invited to Deeper life to minister when he was alive. Even Pope John Paul invited Papa oshofa to the Vatican in Rome-though Papa did not go due to the facts that he didn’t like flying. Today, CCC ministers like Ekunola Davies, Dr Omololu are well respected ministers being regularly invited to other denominations. The issue on salvation, spirituality or making heaven is not about denomination please. I have seen Pastor Benny Hinn invited to Catholic Convent to come and minister. Some people who do not bother to know God and Bible always operate as if CCC is a cult. No! CCC is a member of Christian Association Nigeria since Oshofa himself was alive. Some women now find it easy to just accuse olushos! Anybody is free to see what is wrong with CCC, RCCG or CAC, but God only focuses on those who are truly serving him! if the people of Nineveh had rejected Jonah because he was from another nation, they would have perished. Some women will just sit in their living rooms and be dishing out insults based on the ilana they don’t know or understand. Is it ilana that will take one to heaven? Many from other denomination troop to ccc services, and many from ccc attends Holy Ghost Nights in RCCG. Oshoffa met Christ before ilana! Many of us today met ilana and forget Christ. Many women had married four times, many men had charms in their closets, only to come to Church and be defending ilana. I thank God that all the denominations who once misunderstood CCC are now identifying with CCC. Pls, God encourages all his children to be one. Anybody is free to be insulting olushos, but we should also know that as bad as it is, some olushos are doing so well for God. As for me, I see a glorious CCC and a moving CCC. God will not answer your prayer on denominational affiliation, nobody makes heaven based on denomination. Oshofa is not a CCC prophet, he was a prophet of God sent to the church. Let’s read our Bible well before we jump to evil conclusions please. How many Catholics, rccg members, cac, anglicans or baptists do we see attacking their ministers on the internet? Are they perfect? No. God Himself tolerate His children, if not, He would have killed us all one day. what have we achieved by correcting our olushos online? Beware, one may commit greater sins by using unscriptural methods to correct elders. the bible warned against it. Defend your faith first before defending your denomination. Christ told those who cried for him to cry for themselves and not Him.

  14. Oluwatoyin OBATULA-DARLINGTON says:

    You have said it all girl, no more congregational prayers for visitors or new comers.

    They have replaced Jehovah, Jesus Christ, Holy Michael with “Call the Name of Jesus 3 x,” I was there with my mouth wide OPEN.

    The “Lord’s Prayer” has been replaced with “HIRAH JAH MAH 3 x” after thanksgiving.

    As far as am concern Elders of CCC should set up a TASK FORCE COMMITTEE before is too late. Halleluyah.

  15. Evang. Ade Oladapo Oyeneye says:

    Yes o.Pure Covetousness (Ojukokoro) and lack of Knowledge & Understanding of what they have or have been given to them.Look critically, Spiritually they have been derobed an unloined. But shame and pride will not allow them own-up.The situate continues to fester cause of Weak or No Spiritual content of the Controlling Pastor.

  16. Omo Jesu says:

    Your observation is very true those people that call themselve Shepherd . many are not call they call themselves because of what they wanted to see from it . May God direct our footsteps , as we know Celestial am talking about Celestial church of christ before that you dont needs to pray pray pray like mad person b4 ur prayer can be answer , but now the new churches out their belives on what they wanted to see , than to do it the way SBJ Oshoffa as directed , may God forgive them .

  17. Yinka Fadirepo says:

    This writer’s observation is correct. I quite agree with all that is highlighted in this piece.
    The problem is lack of enlightenment with regards to the unique nature of Celestial Church of Christ.
    This Church was descended by the power of the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, as such it’s tenents are Celestial in nature
    Any deviation from this tenent amount to ignorance.
    May the Lord open the heart of the shepherds to appreciate what they have.

  18. godhand says:

    I hope somebody is reading this #rock

  19. Barrister. Olawole Famakinwa says:

    I agree with the sentiments of the author. The Preacher should preach from the lectern, not dance around the auditorium. Our choirs should support him with CCC hymns and choruses. Adura gbogbo ijo is very important at the end of the service. I have just noticed a trend of selling bazar items during the harvest sermon. This is very awful and very wrong. The service needs to be finished and the alter covered before bazzar sales. May the Lord forgive us. Our tenets are very good. No need to dilute it.

  20. ODUYEMI says:

    Yes ur view is accepted but i pray that they should listen and abide to the doctrines.They do borrow from other pupils doctrines.Thanks

  21. Joelerics says:

    Na true talk, make God please give them the air to hear oooo,

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