Shepherds On Brother Soutana Without Robe Is Now A Popular Style

December 2, 2022 / Olaiya / Code Of Conduct / 1 Comment »

Do CCC shepherds currently adopt this look as the norm? When it comes to wearing “brother” or “elder brother”-style clothing during harvest in their parishes, many CCC shepherds are guilty.

The majority of our shepherds that engage in this behaviour do so due to a lack of understanding of their position and duty. Have you ever seen a judge enter the courtroom unrobed or without a legal representative? Many shepherds of Celestial Church, however, are illiterates. Our shepherds need to understand that their interest in spiritual downgrading is to their harm.

More than 30 adult harvests were seen, but only two shepherds were seen donning their traditional robes, according to one eyewitness. They’ll dress in brother’s or elder brother’s type of clothes and sit in the altar seat in their harvest, acting as if they don’t have any spiritual experience.

To demonstrate their seniority, they will dress in their regular robes when they are traveling to another harvest. Do they actually have the necessary knowledge? They are nothing among something, for God’s sake. Do you know that during this year’s Harvest sales at International Headquarters, shepherd Omotosho also was present with his elder brother Soutana?

What we do not know about Celestial Church is that Papa Oshoffa never put on an elder brother’s garment during any parish harvest. The dress code has already been established, and we must follow it, as Jesus warned everyone in Mark 16:15 to the end.

We pray that God should open the eyes of our shepherds to do what is right in the sight of God.


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One response to “Shepherds On Brother Soutana Without Robe Is Now A Popular Style”

  1. JOHN BADA. says:

    How will you blame them when a pastor himself is putting on brother sutana. The church is upside down now to say the least. It’s obvious that there is presently no leadership in the church, everyone is just behaving as they like. I never in my life saw Papa Oshoffa and Baba Bada in nothing less than a leader sutana which is part of their uniform till they left, but this days we see a lot of nonsense in the church encouraged and even sometimes inspired from the top. Is grossly irresponsible for a shepherd to wear a brother sutana, have you seen a general wearing a corporal uniform in the army, won’t someone think something has gone with the person,s brain and won’t he or she be court marshalled, how can God promote you and you now demote yourself, brother sutana a sutana meant for those just entering the church who have not been anoited, what concerns a shepherd with it, the moment you have been anoited and promoted to a higher rank in the church you can not be go back to the old or previous rank and be wearing it’s uniform except you have been demoted or you see yourself not deserving of your present rank or you are just outrightly irresponsible or something has gone wrong with your brain. I believe it is good for us to start thinking rightly and doing things well in this church, there is presently too much madness and irresponsibility in it which is why it is now.

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