Shepherds: Running Of Your Parish Smoothly…5 Things You Need To Know

September 17, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Church Build-up / Add Comment »
There are many things shepherds in CCC need to take note of for them to have a smooth running of the Kingdom project. And of course, to continue leading the members in the right direction.
Here are Five things shepherds need to know.
  1. Money: Don’t borrow money from your members no matter the condition except it’s your only and last option and please pay back as agreed whenever you promised.
  2. Appointment: Don’t use money or material possessions to elect or appoint anyone into office, let them Labour for it. Most members don’t value leaders who make leadership positions easy for them.
  3. Sexual Immorality: Don’t involve in sexual immorality with your female members (male too for those who engage in homosexuality) because it’s the beginning of disobedience to God’s instruction, no matter what you do, your members will not be loyal and even if they do, they will be causing trouble in your ministry even between you and your spouse, if they know your immorality.
  4. Accessibility: Don’t always allow your members into your private residence to mingle in your family affairs, a  lot of them will not understand what you went through to achieve the things you have, they will always assume your family’s success depends on the Church account.
  5. Pray And Let Go: Don’t think your members will stay forever because of what you are doing for them. They followed Jesus because of bread and fish, not because of grace and conviction. They will eat your money and still leave you. Just help them for God’s sake and move on.


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