Does Your Shepherd’s Wife Possess These Qualities?

June 4, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Virtuous Women / 3 Comments »

There are few virtuous women who are not bored with their trade. Anyone who has found one has found a pressure stone far above rubies.

There is no gainsaying the fact that under normal circumstances, the Shepherd’s wife is the spiritual mother of the entire congregations. She occupies a unique position in God’s redemption plan for humanity. Her role is not limited to home keeping but she also plays an active role in her husband’s calling.

A Shepherd wife must be a regenerated person, dead to the world and its lust. She must be preoccupied by the things of spirit at all times, it’s not a must she is a prophetess but she must be in the spirit at all times. She must be a lover of God and not a lover of worldly materials. She must be a person who can keep secrets. She must present herself in such a way that the congregation will see her and accept her as a mother for all.

If a Shepherd wife doesn’t have the knowledge of The Bible nor obeys the Tenets of the church, then she cannot be a good counselor. What does she want to counsel if she drinks alcohol, bleach her skin, dress provocatively and paint all the face like Queen Jezebel? (They should look good but not overdressed especially when in the holy garment). They should be good role models to other women.

Her mode of dressing must be in accordance with the laid down rules and must not deviate from such, 1 Peter 3:2-5 says it all.

Finally, she must live a decent and responsible life. She must be able to encourage her husband and lift his spirit up whenever it’s low or experience some ugly moments.

The major goal of a Shepherd’s wife is to lead her family and other members of the congregation to Christ and if all these are not found in her then it’s a problem to the Church, to her home and to God.

Does your Shepherd’s wife possess these characters?

-Liz Ebony Angel

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3 responses to “Does Your Shepherd’s Wife Possess These Qualities?”

  1. Joan Olutola- Adebayo. says:

    I just want you to be aware of copyright. As for me, God’s grace is expected to be shared so it is not for me to monopolise it. After all, I am just a vessel in God’s hand. May God cleanse His church.

  2. Joan Olutola- Adebayo. says:

    Thank you for reading the book THE CELESTIAL WOMAN : HER EXPECTED ROLE IN CHURCH BUILDING and for lifting verbatim some of the contents of Chapter Four ( Pages 20-22) while restructuring a few sentences. I know this because I have the grace of being the pencil in God’s hand in writing the book. I think it is always good to acknowledge our sources when lifting materials from other people’s writings. All the same, thanks for enlightening our spiritual mothers.

    • liz Ebony Angel says:

      Thanks Ma’am I have the book, And I found it very useful and I picked up that particular page and I reconstruct some words there. Sorry for not acknowledging but All the same it’s all for us to learn from. You have written as a Mother, As a youth I saw it and did a little work on it and post for All to see and read. And am letting you know ma that there are still more in the Book I will still use and am taking the permission from you Now as A Daughter. Sorry I didn’t ask you ma.

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