Shepherds/Prophets Are Human Too!

November 5, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 4 Comments »

shepherdsHe stood up to teach in our Wednesday service. The first thing he asked the church to do was to go ask someone “How was your day?”.

Everyone went around asking, shaking and patting each others back. Some even hugged themselves!

I smiled as I saw it all. Guess what, no one came to the Shepherd to ask that simple question ‘How was your day?’. Yet! he was tired and it had been a really hard day for him.

Pastors and Medical doctors may have something in common- people believe they are fine as long as they are breathing!

You are quick to ask your Shepherd “Are you praying for me?” But have you ever told him “I am praying for you”?

You know how to accuse the Shepherd of not visiting you but have you ever stopped by to check on him and his family?

You tell the Shepherd that you are going on vacation but have you ever wondered when last he had a break?

Your Shepherd smiles at you telling you “It is well with you” when at times, it is a prophecy for himself.

Some Shepherd might not have eaten a whole day and you still come to him ‘Daddy Pray for us’. Pray for you in empty stomach! It’s a shame that a lot of Celestial Church members don’t know how to take care of their Shepherds, this is why a whole lots of them are easily tempted by the devil and fail.

A shepherd can officiate a wedding just after consoling a bereaved family (Can you imagine that emotional switch- yet he must be stable).

Your shepherd is human too! Trust me, there are days he did not feel like coming to church but he still did! Most of the times you shout Halleluia, they cover theirs with pains.

I have seen Shepherds quit because of depression (true!). Everyone knows how to fault a Shepherd but not many know he has blood flowing in his veins too.

Everyone know how to judge a Shepherd’s action but not everyone want him to discipline them even if it’s part of his job!

You can put a smile on your Shepherd. It costs you just a little effort. Appreciate your Shepherd today. Buy gifts for him and his family too. Send words and messages of love and encouragement to him.

Seriously, when last did you call your Sheperd just to wish him well and ask how he is?Distance is not a barrier!!!!!

Remember, he has the onerous job of watching over your spiritual well being. The happier and more stable he is, the better he will discharge his duties! Help your Shepherd to succeed!

I have simply told you what some Shepherds may never say!. Trust me!

You can start by sharing this with others!

God bless our Shepherds and prophets in Jesus name!

4 responses to “Shepherds/Prophets Are Human Too!”

  1. Mk Kenny says:

    The best post I’ve read so far. God bless sir

  2. Adekoya Olumide (Existence) says:

    infact it has become an act to many ccc member nt to consider the welfare of our shepherd. Well it all base on lack of administrative setting of the church itself. Sincerely speaking its affecting all.

  3. Evangelist Adegoke says:

    Good write up, they are few member who care for their Shepherd and those doing it received their blessing through it. So let us show love and care to all our shepherds.

  4. Chicago One Parish says:

    Beautifully written article! By the way AMAZING PHOTO! It was taken at Chicago One Parish some years back!

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