Shocking! Who Takes Responsibility For This Abnormal Regalia In CCC? (Photo)

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I don’t seem to understand what is going on here. No doubt, it’s a parish under the glorious Celestial Church of Christ but this man, who looks like a shepherd in this photo, is dazzling everybody who has seen this unconstitutional spiritual outfit.

What kind of regalia is this? In this same Celestial Church that we claim to be a part of? Little wonder we are where we are today. I can’t imagine this happening in other denominations where they have absolute respect and total obedience to their doctrines. Well, I stand to be corrected though.

Other churches have time-tested and trusted structures that put everyone in check. And everybody knows his or her limit. But for us in CCC, some people think it’s their right to be a pastor so we now have pastors. Good for us now!

Very soon, we will see a woman shepherd, red and black regalia adorned by shepherds and red candles on the altar of our CCC. Who will now take responsibility for the collapse of the ethics of the church as laid down by the pastor founder, Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa of blessed memory? If you have an answer, please let’s rub minds together.

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43 responses to “Shocking! Who Takes Responsibility For This Abnormal Regalia In CCC? (Photo)”


    IT is prayer we need in celestial where member will be dragging seat with anointed shepard cos of so call honorary cassock tittle and feel superior than a shepard

  2. OLA says:

    so alot of people are now reacting to what the gentleman is wearing. l live in the UK i have a lot of CCC members that are now wearing or putting on the title of Evang, Snr Evang and Sup Snr Evang without been anointed.
    The same thing in the USA, Rep of Ireland and the rest.
    Please address the issue of Six pastors you have first and then let start talking about regalia.
    Also you need a discipliniary who will come hard on all those ladies who have turn themselves in to something else to warn them to stop spraying money in the church.
    Also let the church return to the olden times where the fear of the church and the lord is the other of the day and start wearing proper sutana not the transparent which all the members are now wearing.
    i was a member and i left CCC so many years ago . i do listen to the music now on Youtube.
    But the majority of the members now doesn’t know the doctrines and also all this so call Shepherd are not call by God.
    So a complete overhall is needed to bring the church back to his glory but i wish they can attend a missionary school like other churches,
    Also those with qualifications should be cherish and allow to rule.

  3. Olumide says:

    Am very happy for as many comments on this page. Especially that of Evang somefun from Dublin God bless you and revivalist Emanuel that can talk with the swearing word thank you.
    You said what papa sangojimi did is not wrong, don’t worry I give you till the time of this year harvest you will see a lot of blue, purple, green and yellow plain brother.
    Now let me tell you what is disobedience . it is not abiding by the lay down rules or doctrine. See even disobeying your parent or elders alone there are punishment for it…the bible says honour your mother or father for your days to be long on the earth not to talk about doctrine. The doctrine of CCC are divine it is because 70% of the shepherd are now eating with Satan and sometimes Satan gives the assignment that are not convenient for them too but they must conform to it .ROM 1:32 says for those that know the truth following the truth but approve those that are not following it they have the same reward with the those not following the truth.
    Please let us condem every unconstitutional act in the church no pampering of anybody.
    Thank God we have a voice now, forget about the headline they are saying you should change. It is God that gave us mouth now, just do any evil in your church because you are a shepherd doesn’t mean you can do contrary to the constitution if you can’t abide by the constitution change the name of your church and make your own constitution MICHEAL alonge God bless you for being our voice on social media.
    Do you know most of these shepherds their female children are not CCC again they went to marry outsider because they know the evil their father has done in the secret and they don’t want to marry any man in CCC because they see all men in ccc having the same behaviour as their father.God bless CCC .

  4. Olu says:

    I think pple here don’t get certain things right. First off, the man in the picture is an elder in the church and I’m sure he will have his reasons for wearing it. This man was closer to the pastor founder and some of the leaders of the church after the pastor founder that’s quoting from some comments. And I’m very sure for him to own up and comment on the said picture he deserved to be appreciated for clarity. My personal view of the whole thing is that Alonge Michael should try and work more on his headlines, I know he’s a blogger and the catch pples attention tru headlines. Most of ur headlines always comes back hurting u, example is that of Benjamin Oshoffa whom u claim u don’t know but ur profile picture shows he was standing with the now pastor n head of the church which u took the picture. Also for the man to wear a purple 4corner dress isn’t a sin to God, because the lord doesn’t care abt our outward looks but our inner loom meaning our heart is our church not the outfit, I’m not a bible schooler but I’m trying my best. Pls Cele pple the church is in a mess in diff areas, hymn book r not the same, Olusho having more than one wife, elders fighting for seats on the alter, spraying of money in the church, youths leaving the church cos the elders are nor getting things right, some Olusho r now forming gangs against others because they r rich or influential also how many poor Parishes in Nigeria as the pastor visited on ordinary days or even when they r celebrating harvest. Pls Alonge Michael channel ur blog towards the real growth of the church and not areas where u get urself popular for been after pples image. One fold on Shepard.

  5. Bimpe says:

    Call a spade a spade. What is not good is not good. Stop covering evil. Onidajo aiye ferede.

    • Revivalist Emmanuel says:

      Onidajo aye or onidajo cele? Do yall read the bible at all? If onidajo aye comes, he would examine deeds and the heart. Not clothes and color OR DOCTRINES. keep clinging unto doctrine. Kontunu! Good job ??

  6. Revivalist Emmanuel says:

    For the sake of wateva it is, people CHILL OUT! I agree the dress code is unconstitutional, but should ANYONE go as far as calling it satanic/sinful/unholy? The Bible that is far more superior to the celestial constitution, clearly goes against a human condemning a human being as if you the second born of God. Do you wanna tell me papa was perfect all his life? The man of God (whom i dont know, neither do i wanna know) exercised his human right of defending himself, but no he has “so yangan modi”. So f**ks sake can we all respectfully advise him and/or pray for him instead of publicly scandalizing his reputation? You could only base on what papa said as constitutonal or unconstitutional, but the acts and words of papa never depicted or should it depict “a full act of holiness” because he was human, and cultural at the same time (cos he had many wives against the teachings of the Bible). Lets not get my points wrong! Yes the Bible also teaches that constitutions should be respected and followed, but, All im saying is that, people seem to put constitution over CHRITIANITY (which means love). This is not an “ija ife”, it is a very condescending way of public correction, which results into attack and condemnation. “Cast ye the first stone” ni jesu wi.
    A shephard even went as far as saying “papa will come and cleanse his works” so, is cele papa’s work or the body of christ? So whatever happens to “christ will intervene” we seem to have put doctrine over christianity, and constitution over love! So does calling him satanic make you holy? It seems like he is a well respected man of God in cele, and we all know that his service and works would have given him that popularity and award, sooooo now cos of A PURPLE CLOTH (cos thats all i freaking see) he is now satanic??? So a one-time wear of a purple cloth, that he clearly says they use in Ajase (that one human being would have hv started the trend), now has the power to diminish and destroy his ministerial hard works he had accomplished for years? Ha! Awon iran judasi ti po ni ipepe! Awon kanga to ti gbe ti won se bi adaba ni ipepe! May God have mercy on us all.

  7. Oluwaseun says:

    Hmmmmm, i am not hear to judge….gbogbo wa ni yio duro ni waju oluwa, ati ewe ati agba ha o si ro jo wa…….

  8. MIC S. A. Adeniji says:

    Thank God of Celestial for people/members of this our great fold who made wonderful comments on this baba Sangojimi’s new imported regalia from PortNovo as he said. Baba, all what we are saying is.. Ask our Lord Jesus to forgive u because for a single person to polute the mind of millions of the fold member regarding this four corner regalia may cause division in the fold.

    • Revivalist Emmanuel says:

      May God forgive YOU for judging. Cos he HAS NOT commited any sin against God. Breaching a doctrinal constitution is not a sin. Its like a misdemeanor against human and not God. But condemnation and judgement is for God not MAN. So may God forgive u.

  9. Oluso yinka says:

    My dear people of God wit all due respect baba I hope another camp is not about to spring up?sugbon Oshoffa koni fi Ijo Sile.before Sept 29 I see d spirit of Oshoffa cleansing his work

  10. Oluso yinka says:

    @ Evang Toriola wit all due respect enough of all dis God say dos parish should b located n sanction,ti Ijo ko ba sese fun won ki won fi Sile fun awon to fe so Ijo

  11. Oluso yinka says:

    Pls dis is gross abuse of d holy n respected regalia of ours,sir wit all due respect where av u seen Papa wit such regalia ejo sir ruin agba ema be Ijo yi je kie to lo,papa Oshoffa see Wat dey r doing to ur work

  12. EVANG s. o. a. Toriola says:

    I’m not surprisee, we have been seeing the one that are worst than this, were a woman is in s/EVANG regalia, so, if look at this picture you will see that, the man is a shepherd, and he will be prophet, that is were we have problem in celestial, *God said” and who is going to challenge is “God said” ?

    • Prophet Bumie Adesina says:

      The concept of existentialism explain vividly the behavior of some of us when it come to orchestrating the way we worship God. “GOD SAYS” concept has diluted our mind and give conceptualization of obeying the norms of the church. Obeying rules versus God Says. Can we worship God in such misconception?

  13. Adex Adex Johnson says:

    I’m dumbfounded!

  14. Michae T Afolalu says:

    It is very shameful that the man in question is defending his absurd outfit. When majority are saying it’s not good. Nobody will respect you if go against the doctrine of this great Church. You can call yourself a pastor and wear custume, that does not make you a real Pastor. Cassock does not make a mad man an evangelist though he appears like one. People have spoken. You can not wear it among responsible Celestial members not to talk of real Elders. Regarding your son, he’s not the only Shepherd in SA. No smoke without fire. If you can appear disobedient to the authourity of the Church I don’t trust him either. Please make amend stop destroying yourself. CELESTIAL CHURCH CANNOT BE DESTROYED.If you’re fedup of the Church leave and set up yours and give it a different name.

  15. Dr. Malik O R says:


  16. Michael Mobiyina Bilehou says:

    Having perused this article and various comments that follow, I here prepare to give my submission. Iam greatly disappointed that an elder of that calibre as Baba Sangojimi could subject himself to this level of irregularity and to worsen the whole thng, he dares to d3fend his wrong step in misleading the Celestial youths. A Yoruba adage says ‘ agba to so yangan modi, so ara re do ojugba adie’ translated to mean that an elder to open him/herslf to unwarranted cheap popularity offers self for unwarranted ridicule.
    Even if the regalia is approved under Porto Novo faction, are you in that section? Dont you realise that it is pure non- compliance which is tantamount to revolution? For the whole period you stayed with Papa Oschoffa, did you ever see the regalia then? I learnt you were formerly under Maforikan faction, did you ever see it on Maforikan, despite him being an Egun indigene or Baba Nunayan, Baba Leyon etc. Mistake committed and not corrected immediately will have ripple effects and eventually becomes ignored/accepted against the dictates of the Holy Spirit. If those of you that dined and wined with Pastor Founder could derail the norms under the guise of division, what legacy are you leaving for the youths? Nobody is after your personality but your office makes you a public figure hence the need for you to think more than twice how your actions will be perceived by the general public. I rest my case for now

  17. ccc words says:

    A shepherd of that leave appear with that satanic regalia some elders in Celestial church of Christ complete out of spirit of God. S

  18. Evang. Durodola Emmanuel says:

    Daddy Sangojimi, sir,with your closeness to authorities, av you ever seen these regalia imported from portmovo pn Baba Bada, Ajose, Jesse, Maforilan during their lifetime? Now it shows that you ate imitating Portmovo daddy, and not leaders you are closed to? Daddy ejowo sir, e se Atunse, can u wear such to Your friend oginremi parish at abeokuta or file in with it at imeko your new camp? Haha, we kids are following your step but don’t mislead us with your Ajase Imported regalia. We haven’t seen it on our leaders even Baba SBJ which you knew very well. As for Samson your son, you are right that it was a globally attack sir. Sorry pls. Xzempphobia in SA, May God Saves His. Amen

    • Oluseyi says:

      I actually wanted to comment, but you said it all, I will only add ” the regalia is even so ugly and ill-fitting” May God guide us.

  19. Evang. Sangojimi says:

    It is my prayer that D Lord who sent Baba Oshoffa on a special mission to d world will cleanse this church..One will imagine what is wrong with D church that has been known for hollines and spirit filled, which has now become where touts and unbacked Christian now become rellifant,. I can not imagine how a vagabond will just because he understand computer now go online to blackmail people. Two weeks ago ,one unrenouned and useless writer went on air to publish that my son was selling drugs knowing fully well it was not so ,thank God of Celestial that what happened was globally known and spread, otherwise Sangojimi should have been labeled as drug seller. I was with one of my friends last night in London again when I was called to see my picture in d face book. I was wondering who might have done that, not knowing that d same Alonge Michael whom I have never seen or known in my life is at it again pointing to the dress I wore in our parish. Anyone who knows this man should warn him, Celestial is facing so many challenges, let him start writing on d way forward than running after my personality. I will also advise him to open his 2 eyes and see That what he was referring to is Celestial coulor and at Port-Novo where the church come from ,it is been used there.So you are warned stop image damaging it will not pay you,. God bless all true Celestian world- over.

    • Daddy, i am happy to have this medium to react to the issue posted concerning your son on this platform a few weeks back. Number one Sir, i never said your son carried any drug, read that story over and over again if you still have it, though we trashed it when Baba Olajide called to inform us of the manner in which some Celestians are tagging the news. If you need to know Sir, i can never pride myself tarnishing the image of anyone, what for Sir? What do i gain in doing that? The story was culled from an international online tabloid which i adequately gave credit to but in my introduction, i did say that your son was being punished for an offence he knows nothing about. I wonder where the issue of you saying i tagged your son a drug dealer came from. But i can understand the level of understanding of a lot of our people when it comes to reading. If i could have your e-mail address, i will forward the article to you to peruse while in your closet. I have nothing against you and i dont think i can, because you have not done me any wrong. For this photo you are talking about, it’s shocking that you are the one in the photo, i never knew it was you, if i did, of course sir, i would have put your name with respect for the interpretation of the dressing. So, kindly erase the issue of battering whenever any of the issues raised come up. I am doing my job and i am not being sponsored by anyone whatsoever. It’s good that you have explained where the idea of the regalia came from, i am sure Celestians too are reading it. Let’s be constructive in our judgement, only God is the Supreme Judge. I do not fit into any of the names you labelled me above. Thank you Sir.

      • Prophet Bumie Adesina says:

        Alagba Alonge, may I bring your attention to your assertion that Pa. Oshoffa laid some rule down; Pa Oshoffa never made any rule or initiate any form of Celestial organization. Jesus Christ himself laid those rule through the holly spirit. If you read the constitution very well, you will out that Pa. Oshoffa reinstated that every form of organization, the seating, the name, the worshiping were divine from God. Now anybody who want to worship in Celestial should worship in spirit according to Pa. Oshoffa, because Celestial is a spiritual church. Regarding adhering to the norms of Church, the authority should come up with a standard of enforcing those rules given us by God. Honestly speaking there are Police in Celestial church, these spirit-policemen are inditing or punishing who ever disobey those norms in all ramification. Our Shepherds lack the concept of ethical standard, which the authority should integrate into our leader’s role. I know the eyes of thy Lord is looking our deeds.

      • Revivalist Emmanuel says:

        But sir, this blog had allowed people to ridicule and drag the Man of God as well as disrespect his annointing for a breach against a constitution that was written BY MEN. His acts in a biblical opinion is NO WAY A SIN AGAINST GOD. lets get it straight, This man is a GROWN MAN, and has a constitutional right to wear whatever he likes! However, if it is not doctrinal, people could ADVISE HIM acoording to the teachings of the Bible, Not openly condemn him. Wow so people could quickly forget the hard-work that promoted him to where he is today, just by seeing a purple cloth in his neck. Sonce when does God care about doctrine and/or dress code? People went as far as calling it absurd, satanic, unholy etc, for f*cks sake, those words are too condemning (biblically) and disrespectful (culturally). Now thats a sin! May God forgive them and bless this man. Cos all he did was wear a cloth and an amure. Smh doctrine against christianity.

    • S.E. Somefun Oluwa says:

      This is the first time I want to comment on this site. I have been enjoying several comments from people since last year I joined this forum but I must indeed commend the effort of the editor, he’s doing a great job and we must all rally round to support him. For Alagba Sangojinmi, I feel so ashamed for even taken it upon yourself to respond to this dirty act of yours. I saw in your comment calling the young man all sorts of names when you have your own children. Now I can see why you son is being attacked out of several Celestians in SA . I have an advice for you, only if you would take it. Apologize to the authority and to this forum for even acting irrational. Here in Dublin, we don’t accept this kind of nonsense from our members, you Lagos based Celestians are so full of yourself and you feel no one can query you but what about God’s query. My friend, you can’t be bigger than God and the church, this is a slap to the church and you should go and ask for His forgiveness. Bye. I may not comment ever again here except if need be.

  20. Sunkanmi says:

    To ju ise re ijo mimo, e so dodo, eyin ijo mimo, oju mi wo se yin loke orun.

  21. MSB Pumpin says:

    If am not mistaken, Ds is MOST/SUP/EVANG. SANGOJIMI of CCC ARMY BARRACK PARISH situated @ Ile-Epo. The Chairman of Evangelism W/W under Rev. Maforikan who later defected to Rev. Emmanuel’s Camp. The father of the Shepherd dt was injured in south africa fracas

  22. John Bada. says:

    If this man in the picture is the person I think he is , I will be very disappointed for someone of his status and experience in the church to be involved in this arbitrary act of gross irresponsibility which will further compound the problem of the church. What I believe should happen is for authority of whatever faction of the church whom he has pledge his allegiance to its leadership should as a matter of urgency call him to order and correct him so as prevent an emulation of such act of ridicule and unconformity with the normalcy of dressing as a true member of celestial church of Christ worldwide. There must be sanity in the church.

  23. Segun Adelalure says:

    With due respect, this is one of the respected shepherds at oko ogba. But, I still find it to believe. Ai single ologbo, ile file ekute.
    The Shepherd is strike, the sheep is scattered is the case of C.C.C.

  24. Prophet Dare Busuyi says:

    Well…it is high time for d celestial authority to do something and take a bold step on dis bad eggs call themself pastors. The only recognised pastor ccc.w/w Rt.Rev. EMF.Oshoffa. should go to Coporate affairs abuja whoever is not ready to come back to d main stream ketu/imeko should change their name from celestial church….

  25. Sup Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    Until the otherwise is proven we are to assume that this photo has been highlighted and brought to our attention because of the irregularity in the highlighted members mode of dressing. Of course, we are not in a position to criticise or comment on the mode of dressing of a member of the C&S Movement more particularly if they are guests in our Parish.
    Section 185 of the CCC Constitution states clearly that ‘Members shall adhere strictly to the provision relating to seniority, ROBES and ranks as contained in the Church publication “ORDER OF SENIORITY AND DRESSING RANK BY RANK” together with the accompanying chart and drawings of robe.’ If we all agree that the robe is not in strict compliance with agreed rules and laws of our church, it should be a simple matter for the Province head to request an explanation from this officer as to his incorrect manner of dressing for the Lord’s Day Service.

  26. Michael Mobiyina Bilehou says:

    Inasmuch as the person in the picture looks like one of the BIG SHEPHERDS (accountant by professiob) in the Amuwo Odofin axis of Lagos State, I will want to assume that he is not a member of but an invitee to an occasion in the church.

  27. Ogungbuyi Oluyomi says:

    This regalia seems like d C & S garment.If its a blue 4 corner suitanah,one might say its a vogue dat crops up afew years bak.But d photographer only can confirm if he’s a Shepherd or a non CCC friend of d Parish/Parish Shepherd.Olorun a tun Ijo re se.

  28. G says:

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, If you don’t fear God there is no way u can fear human being all this lead to misbehavior ,God will surly ask everyone how did u use the authority given to u,if everyone allow him or her to lead by God spirit things like that will not happen.

  29. Tomiwa says:

    dis is ridiculous ooo and a slap on all celestians

  30. Superior Evangelist Barrister Olawole Famakinwa says:

    I am appalled by the utter disregard that we seem to have for the rules in our church. It would no longer be uniform if every man or woman decides to appear in church in their own outfit. I am baffled and I hope the Parishioners are baffled too at their leaders outfit during that Sunday service thanks offering. There can not be any reasonable explanation for a ‘purple four corner with Woli loin’. All our sutana are always white.

  31. kay says:

    Aiye yi ti wo segbe kan satani kiri fun tiju ,elese yara wo oko ikeyin ko ma ba deni ta o fe ku

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