When Shola Allyson Sang Yah Rah Sarah, Heaven Opened In Rainbow Colours- Fisayo Joel

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choirIt’s expected that when you are in a caucus, you cannot talk bad about that caucus except something has gone wrong. For Celestial Church of Christ, this holy caucus which has been in existence for over 69 years sure deserves a pat in the back to have remained number one white garment church in the universe that has the best doctrine, order of service and what have you.

Below is the submission of a great member of this church, Fisayo Joel  whose eyes saw heaven opening with Rainbow colours when Sola Allyson, now a Redeemed member ,sang Yah Rah Sarah…. during her performance at Luli Concert.

For the past 33 years, we have been singing Yah rah Sarah, Yah rah Samatha ( Kindle the light, divine from heaven above….) and for once I had never knew it is a special divine worship as much as so many thought, but on the night of Luli Concert 2016, Shola Allyson shown the angelic voice behind this great song.

When she sang it as a worship song, I saw heaven open in rainbow colours.

I stand to be corrected, Celestial Church of Christ has the most meaningful, powerful and blessed hymns so far in the world, but in a situation where our choirs dilute the divine song with Alujo, Tungba, etc, the congregation sing the hymns merely.

We need to respect the gold in our hands,  Alujo or Tungba is never allowed during singing of hymns, let people digest the real message(s) from the hymns.

Hymn 539 says “God’s mercy will soon come to an end, He no more would listen to prayers, unrest and epidemic diseases and difficulties draweth near the world…. ” and you are drumming AJA 1 GBERA (A circular song slang) to it, misleading the congregation with your irrelevant beats, diluting the core message for people to listen. It is called Church and not Club, you can do the remix of your AJA 1 in your house not in our Church.

To cleanse this world like we always claimed, it begins from all of us as a member in this fold. Our works, reactions, attitudes and determinations must be upright.

I pray, God in his infinity mercies grant us wisdom to do the right thing.

Am wishing you all Happy New Month, this month will favour You and Me in Jesus Name.

40 responses to “When Shola Allyson Sang Yah Rah Sarah, Heaven Opened In Rainbow Colours- Fisayo Joel”

  1. Eniola Gabriel O. says:

    I pray God gives us the spirit of Celestialism.
    Even as Hymn 207 implies, we the chorister should imagine the happenings up there and eager to be there. But if we start bastardizing the hymns here on earth with selfishness(let ppl know am a drummer),it doesn’t portray spirituality the hymn is meant for.
    Rather, our mindset should be……Let me add glamour to this hymn by d directive of the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, the Choir master must be all-out to ensure that excesses are nipped. Thanks.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Let us do tins d way papa oschoffa left it so dat it will be well with us
    #celestian 4 life#

  3. CeleBorn says:

    Oh Shola is no longer Celestial , soldier go soldier come is Celestia, Opo Ero lon be ninu Ijo mimo, Baba pe won wo le , Opo Ero lon bo. That’s our Song. i hope she open her eye to see what she’s missing if the rumor is true. We have fake pastors and prophets in celestial that lead people wrong way with false messages but they are not just only in celestial they are everywhere even in Redeem. I hope people can Open eye to see , Cele is just a name, Your Church is your Heart.

    Proudly Celestial

  4. Wale Adewunmi says:

    Tank God 4 Gospel singer like shola Allyson, who is striving to separate d world from d church and d Church from d world.

  5. gbemisola says:

    Am proud to be a celestial though i didn’t attend the luli concert i know what happens when you sing hymns like “yah rah sa rah”, “yah rah hi yah rah man”, “Emi mimo solkale gegebi tio ojo penticost o” and many other hymns. choirs members can also sing the hymns and (orun ma si) the door of heaven will open, but as a choir member what i think does not bring down the spirit when we sing is the person singing or the leader and the way we sing. we should sing the hymns slowly and softly, we should treat it like a new born baby from there we can start make adjustments and again how do we expect the holy spirit to come down when the choirs are always fighting the head of all celestians need to sit the choirs and talk to them if that is even possible. i rest my case, thank You

  6. Rebeccah says:

    I hope Shola Allyson Obaniyi will not leave ijo mimo, why? I wonder where else she could feel God’s presence in His fulness …

  7. IamDeborah says:

    God has begun His cleansing, hence, we as the Celestians, the vessels unto honor in God’s hands that He will use to perform His works, should conform our lives to God’s. Romans 12:1-2.
    # I am proud to be a celestian

  8. Olaoluwapo says:

    “Idariji ese lan toro with shoki and alanta dance styles”. It’s rather sad to know this happens. It shows they don’t understand what the song is about, they just sing for singing sake which ought not to be so. Hymns are not to be sang with additional beats or dance etc why is it Hymnal in the first place but to show devotion, solemnity and reverence together. By the time alujo enters hymns, the purpose of the hymn itself is defeated. May God bring his church to understanding, enlightenment and Maturity. Amen

  9. Lyray says:

    Regarding the issue of wrong musical instruments during our services I will blame the choirmaster! Not even the drummers nor the chorister! The Choirmasters lacks so many teachings! They are often not sound spiritually! It goes beyond you having a sweet voice jare! The Choirmasters don’t even know the rudiments so what should we expect? Shoki with Jerimoyahma!

  10. Lyray says:

    It’s quite amazing….when we feel our leaders are always the cause of our issues in churches! There is a template already! Why can’t we strictly follow suit? And the amazing thing is that we have lost our hymns! We prefer to spend 2 hours singing Alujo songs for revivals during sunday service than singing the hymns properly either in 3 codes or 7 codes! Hymns are being sang with drums louder than voices! And we seek holy spirit right! It’s amazing how people even dance sweatly to……forgiveness songs…… Idariji ese lan toro with shoki and alanta dance styles! Am a christened and baptised Celestial, but I must confess am tired of it all!

  11. Odutola victor olawale says:

    Am also proud to be celestial not cele

  12. Feyisekemi says:

    Proudly Celestian,. Ijo mimo ko ni baje lai lai.

  13. Fimishade says:

    Add me up on your Whatsapp group, am also a member of celestial 08165684780. Thanks

  14. damilola horlajide Samuel praise says:

    Ijo mimo lati orun wa

  15. Oluwaseyi says:

    God bless You fisayo Joel, you encouraged me d more ,tHough not more a celestial ! but your words trigger me.stay blessed

  16. Akintunde omojesu says:

    The fact ohh.God of celestial help us all..join our group CELESTIAL FUTURE on whatapps just forward ur number too 09090031533.will her bless

  17. oluwafemi emmanuel says:

    amm proud to be a celestial member!

  18. Taiwo says:

    Can we have the videotape pls! Proudly celestian!

  19. oluwadarasimi says:


  20. Oluwakanyinsolami says:

    I’m proud of Celestial Church of Christ
    Yea but I’m proud of Majemu Alafia Model Parish more cos you will always meet worship where it’s meant to be…yea our shepherd is always after the doctrine anything apart from the doctrine he doesn’t want. Most times he is always against the GANGAN(talking drum) cos he once told us (the choristers) that whenever we are in the spirit if the talking drum is included then we’ve diversified the mind of the members from praise to ALUJO…yea most churches I went to from JERIHMOYAHMAH to JERIHMOYAHMAH is all about gangan….nd it’s d handiwork of the shepherds..they are controlled by the members of the church all because of money..my prayer is God should lead them to the right part..MY VIEW

  21. dami king says:

    it is good to hear the voice of god our leaders has been misleading everything see imeko for that matter they have turn imeko to party ground mega 99 and other musican fighting on stage pls talk to our pastor let them to do something abt dat ka sise fun iwenu mo emi wa let all choir come together.

  22. Oluwatosin says:

    I rep Celestial church of Christ any time any time.

  23. seyi singer says:

    am proud to de a celestial memder, and mass choir, celestial is de most best church in de world


    Michael Alonge God bless you real good. My phone Numbers are 08057625250. From Emuren

  25. Bose Christopher says:

    I’m proud to be a celestial

  26. Senami says:

    Proudly celestian


    Celestial church is a church with divine angelic doctrine directly given to Papa SBJ OSHOFFA by the Holy Spirit. It’s a pity now that most shepherds don’t know the real doctrine, hence the influx of crazy and abnormal worship attitude. Everybody should go to the source and learn to know what the Holy Spirit thought Papa OSHOFFA about the angelic church. No one should add or deduct from the church doctrine. IJO MIMO O NI BAJE LAI LAI! Iam proud to be born into the church and i’m also proud to be a shepherd in the church.

    • This is Comment of the Week coming from you sir. God will bless the work of your hands in Jesus name. Kindly let’s know how to reach you, you have a small package courtesy #CNO. It’s our own little way of appreciating Celestians like you sir.

    • Akintunde omojesu says:

      Woah that the fact sir…pls you can join celestial future group on whatapps too bring the banner of celestial out too the world

  28. Marie says:

    Solomon Morris is correct. Cele is a noun. It can be a person name, place and so on. There is a far differentials in ‘cele’ and ‘celestial’.
    Am Born and Baptised as celestial.


  29. Tokunbo says:

    Ijo mimo o ni baaje ooo

  30. Opeyemioluwa says:

    The Grace God As Giving Us As A Celestian Will Never Depart From Us……. Amen

  31. Damilare says:

    This is excel 2016,Genesis model choir…Oriental Hotel

  32. ayanfeoluwa says:

    am so proud to be a celestial ………………

  33. Tobimosadi says:

    Am proud to be a member of celestial church of Christ

  34. Inumidun says:

    I just hope My church talking drummer can see dis cos he is used to drumming aja 4 gbera customer daada ni,it pisses me off,every aspect of our worship shld b in orderliness

  35. Adeyeye Oluwafunmilayo Becca says:

    Am Proud 2 B A Celestial Member

  36. solomon morris says:

    some are cele while some are celestial,am proud to b a celestial.Luli!

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