Should The Pastor Be Involved In The Financial Dealings Of The Church?

April 28, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 9 Comments »

When a pastor is richer than the people he serves, you should wonder if he’s here to serve you or you are here to help him. These days, offerings are on the increase since anointment requires you hold your wallet. When you see them, you will surely know them that’s why Mathew 7: 15-16 warns us to beware of these false prophets who come to us in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. Since every church is registered as a charity organization I don’t think it’s good for a pastor to be involved with money.

The subject of church finances and the pastor’s involvement has long been a topic of discussion and controversy. Opinions and practices vary as to whether the spiritual leader of the congregation should be allowed unrestricted oversight, be completely uninvolved, or work with a board/advisory committee in the monetary business of the church.

In rare cases there are those who have in place a “finance committee” that is independent of the pastor and/or the board. Who is responsible for the oversight and management of the church’s finances? Should the pastor, being the spiritual leader, have input into the financial matters of the church? Should not those to which we assign responsibility for spiritual and eternal matters also help in the management of the “unrighteous mammon?”

During the lifetime of our founding pastor, Rev. SBJ Oshoffa, the finances of the church was directly under him, Papa was a philanthropist, no one could contest that with him, but since the death of him, it’s wise enough to go back to the drawing board and rearrange things, there can never be two founders, so, a pastor sitting atop the finances of the church is not ideal, I stand to be corrected though.

So, we are throwing this to our dear readers, is it wise for the pastor to be involved in the financial dealings of the church? Let’s have your opinion please!

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9 responses to “Should The Pastor Be Involved In The Financial Dealings Of The Church?”

  1. Omo cele ni mi says:

    There are 5 ministries of Christ which some call the 5 offices of Jesus Christ. Ephesians chapter4 verse 11.Each of this ministries has a specific responsibility, an holder of 1 of one of these ministries can as well be gifted by the Holy Spirit to function in other ministries depending on his/her personal fellowship with the Holy Spirit. 1. Apostles are the planters. Their mission is to plant churches and put in place structures, 2. The Prophets are the fingers of God, thus says the Lord, they speak the mind of God on issues. 3. Pastors are to coordinate and maintain the churches and structures that has being planted by the Apostles. 4. Evangelist are the main missioanaires. They take the word from towns to cites, nations, villages, they never get tired of attending and organizing crusades. 5. Teachers are not the least even though people tend tonsee them as such. They teach THE WORD of God. They are inspired to transfer the knowledge of the word of God to people, their examples are mostly scriptural. The gift of the spirit Act 2 vs 38, 1 Corinthian 12. Gift of healing,mworking of miracles etc are gifts and not office of Christ.
    Back to your question YES, Pastor should be involved in the financial dealing of the church. The work of the pastor is to make sure that the church organisation in TOTALITY functions according to the structure put down the Apostles the planter including the financial aspect. When the Israelite asked God for a king God told Samuel to anoint Saul but said to Samuel that the Israelites rejected Him God As their king and not Samuel, we all Sunday school students knows what happened with King Saul, every word God spoke concerning Saul was manifested. The problem with celestians is that we love to impose our will on God. The book of Isaiah’s chapter verses 8 and 9 talks about then ways of God being perfect and His thought towards us is to an expectant end. The ways of God is perfect but the will of man comes with a CROSS. Celestians let us learn to seek the face of God over issues. If after 15 years of being the Pastor this questions are unfolding, the spirits of Jezebel had being invoked that is those that speaks in the name of the Lord when the Lord had being silent on an issue. Let us allow the Spirit of God to speak and direct the church, don’t say that God is too slow and you want to acts with your canal knowledge. God tested David on several occasions to show to us why He God Almighty loved David so much, He put the life of Saul in the hands of David, Abner the captain of David’s army had the worldly wisdom, he wanted David to kill Saul, thank God for the divine wisdom in David. Remember, God did not spare Adonijah and Absalom the sons of David that planned coup against their father. When it comes to the issue of the anointed of God especially those in the five offices of Christ, you cannot fight Gods battle for him. His ways might seem slow to us but it is better to wait and the best we should do is to pray and wait for God’s will to prevail. God never makes mistakes, Eniyan lo n kanji, alasepe ni Olorun wa.

  2. Akinleye Emmanuel says:

    Mr Bisola, Thank God you agreed that mismanagement is a citizen in celestial church, and if not for this blog nobody will not know that baba banjo collected 60miliion, if not for this blog nobody will know the issue of forge in our church, if not for this blog nobody will know what Hon.judge faaji said in court, obviously if you join blog that CAC member belong to, you will see different stories concerning CAC church.
    Mr Bisola, do you know that a lot of celestial don’t know about the mismanagement issue, issue of sturcking of your cases in court that is happening in celestial as at today. We seriously need to clean our house for outsider to respect us, some people see us as unserious element but if we don’t tell ourselves the true in order to put our house in order then we are deceiving ourselves.
    Standardisation has to be in place for the new member to be sincere and show commitment to the work of God, but in a situation when leader failed to rule by example and we choose not to address those issue all in the name that outsider will not take us has a serious body then we are just deceiving ourselves.
    Various people has failed to ask question and there is why the church is facing internal crisis; Don’t let us cover our mistakes so that the unborn generation of celestial will be happy with us.

  3. Titilayo Eletu says:

    To reply B, it’s a pity you don’t have the gift of the holy spirit and obviously you do not know the bible. Those people buying jets and mansions are mostly founders, most founders have direct access altogether fund. Number 2, these people are filled with holy spirit, you can feel that when they preach. Tell me why your pastor who has not cure simple headache but interested in building houses et all should regarded as one. A pastor that you teleguide? A pastor that has no voice of his own but uses another person’s voice? A pastor that is not respect even amongst his shepherds? Yell me why I have to respect your pastor Mr B? The fact that your life depends on him doesn’t say others do. Celestial is wise now and it’s time up for you. All we are saying is, we need to move this church forward, if other pastors are doing what you guys are doing at Ketu, the people would have revolted. Then, you are even comparing a church of less that a million crowd to over 25 million celestial? Is that your judgment mr. B? Before you write think. If social media will bring things right, I encourage the youth to start occupying the Web with their news. Those who will stay will stay. Those who will go will go. Lobafinish!

    • Bisola says:

      Okay!!! Titilayo “Ms Holy Spirit” I understand from your write up that your are very spiritual inclined right?! And your own Holy Spirit has ordered you to take up God’s battle?! Where was that Holy Spirit of yours when he was elected as the PASTOR of celestial?! Or did he wake up on day and decided to declare himself as the pastor of celestial church without anyone in CCC wise enough to oppose to it?! I am not standing for the pastor nor against him. He might be everything bad and wrong with celestial but the fact that he is still sitting on that sit as the pastor of celestial today, this hour, this second should say a lot on the bigness of God. is the pastor’s life too big for God to take in order for another to raise? Afterwards Philip Ajose and Jesse were only pastors for few years before them were called home, and EMF has been the pastor now for close to 15 years, are you just realizing that he is unfit for that position or what?! What exactly is your ranting going to do when God is on his throne. Now let me take you into the bible madam, let’s take a look at the story of Saul and David, the same God that chose and anointed Saul, annoited David. And with all of Saul’s shortcomings and even after the spirit of the Lord departed from him, David had so my opportunities to kill Saul himself but he didn’t, why? Because he was an annoited man of God, neither did Daivid became king while Saul was alive . I am very sure there is a bible scriptures that says “TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED AND THE MY PROPHETS NO HARM” . Shame on you ma, with all your bible and Holy Spirit skills, You need to ask for God for the spirit of knowledge Titilayo, after all I don’t think the pastor is as bad as Saul.

      YES, we all want a better celestial, and celestial can be better than what it is right now, YES, the youth needs to be more involved, YES, we need people with better visions to help make things happen but what will slandering and deframing the church you and I both love so much do, how will it help? Will it raise SBJ up or open heavens? Whether you want to believe it or not the current pastor is the representative of celestial church worldwide, he is the face of celestial church , your ill words towards him are towards celestial as a whole, deframing him is reflects on celestial church as a whole . You talk about the pastor with so much hatred, is he the only pastor in celestial? People come and go like you said so why not move over to under another pastor, the bible says my people perish for lack of knowledge. My dear ask God for forgiveness, hate doesn’t build, love does!!!
      I am not condoning the shenanigans going on in celestial right but they are much much better ways of making things right than the picture you are painting right now

      So ma, think before you write, but God first and be Christian like.

      And it’s Miss B

  4. B says:

    Name one pastor that is not richer than his or her regular members in and out of Nigeria?! or name a pastor in Nigeria that is not heavily involved in the financial dealings of their churches. How on earth will Oyedepo or Adeboye be able to afford private jets if they aren’t? No offence but your write ups are a bit hypocritical and anti-celestial. Name a church or a pastor in Nigeria that is WITHOUT scandal or drama and I will show you a black Donald Trump!!! No home is perfect and there isn’t a church without its own drama but you will never catch a dedicated member of that church publicly tearing it apart. Lord knows if it was celestial church that was going through what apostle Sulimon’s church is going through or if it was a celestial church pastor or shepherd that committed the level of atrocities he committed, best believe another fraction, another pastor or another church branch or shepherd will be rising by now yet his members stood by him and are working through their problems privately but not we CELESTIANS!!! We are so quick to wash our filthy laundries outside. YES, Celestial needs a CHANGE, but I doubt slandering each other on social media is the best way to go about it. It is bad enough that most non-white garment churches sees us a fetish devil incarnated church, and tear us apart with insults by the slightest opportunity given to them but the fact that we are doing it to each other is absolutely disgusting. “YOU DO NOT PEE IN YOUR OWN POOL”
    Your site is “celestialnewsonline” I believe it should be about empowering celestians worldwide, celebrating us, showcasing our best and finest talents, letting the non celestains know what we are about but I am yet to come across a positive report about CCC on your blog.
    Maybe you need to take a clue about blogging from Linda ikeji, you will never see a posting deminishing a member of her camp on her blog, not because people don’t mess up or come and go but because you do not tear down a house you live in. This whole drama in celestial will end sooner or later people will make up and settle their difference but the internet never dies, your articles will forever remain visible somewhere, somehow online, and our children’s children will grow up to read about it. Is this the type of celestial you want them to read about?!.
    Please Celestial Church of Christ is a spiritual church that was founded based on love and spiritualism. Let us exercise that when dealing with our dramas. There is no house without its own issues and no one is above God’s reach. So who are we mere humans to fight for the one that can take away our lives without blinking. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom!!!

    • Akinleye Emmanuel says:

      Mr B, you made a nice statement but it quite painful that your statement don’t address the issue that has to do with the financial aspect that the editor has rise.
      You make some statement that don’t have basis root and your argument about the editor reporting the mismanagement of celestial money showed that you don’t understand the hard time this church is passing through in term of lack of management. Obviously, you agree that the church is not well-managed and things has to change but you expect the editor to run away from reporting the lack of leadership will have in celestial, then you are the real anti-celestial man, because you argument is baseless,useless and fallacy of the higher order. So you want the editor to be celebrating baba banjo for misappropriation of 60 million, you want CNO to give kudos to Pastor Emmanuel for calling back those people that couldn’t give account on how the church was spent. You made mention of Linda ikeji, Mr B, we are not taking about celebrity or entertainment here. Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent one inevitable, Celestial has been in leadership crisis since the founder pastor demise, do you know how various step that influential people in the church has taking to resolve this issue that has rest on the shoulder of celestial for 33 years and the cabal you are defending kept on making it impossible, but the new generation are now calling for the real change but people like you could have the moral standard to defend those leader that has failed us. Celestial is not the only church in court, some faction of C.A.C leader took another group of CAC leader to court and recently the supreme court gave a rule on the issue of assemblies of God church, so going to court to settle issue that has to do with mismanagement of fund is not a bad thing, because you can’t take the law into your hand. The building in imeko is over 30 year old without been completed and different people had make million of naira from this project and you want the editor to overlook it, then you are the real anti-celestial member, maybe you join Celestial like 20 or 10 year age because it seem you don’t understand what the really issue is all about.

      • Bisola says:

        Sir, I understand your frustration and where you are coming from, there has been mismanagement and bad leadership in the church for over 33 years right and so on….. meaning it didn’t start today right?! We need change!!! At least you acknowledged that I said that, even though you have managed to interprete my comment as taking a side!!! And like you said CCC is not the only church in court, thanks to you, I now know CAC is as well but are they slandering each other online???!!!. How exactly is ur cry for wolf on this platform going to make the change we all desire happen? If you have a bright idea on how to make a difference in celestial, by all means do it. I AM NOT in support of looting funds nor covering up for the leaders, I am merely saying we can find a better way of dealing it. I am not part of ketu’s issh and NO, I wasn’t there when papa founded this amazing church whether 30, 70 or 100 years ago but I am a proud celestial born.

        Money issues aside,read on all the other celestial post on this blog and tell me if there is any that showcase celestial in a positive light, after all papa said celestial church is suppose to cleanse the world, how is regularly writing ill words about celestial going to cleanse the world. I am not involved in the politics going on in cele, I am just a regular celestian who want to gain souls for Christ and invite people to come be a part of this great ministry, after all isn’t that what God and papa told us to do?! Imagine the first place people go to get informations about things they do not know about?! The Internet brother!!!

        Would you join an organization with so much chaos been displayed by its members? How exactly is this going to help with completing imoke because I know no one in their right frame of mind will be eager to contribute with all this drama, then who are we helping or doing?!
        It wouldn’t hurt to write up some positive empowering news about celestial every now and then. THAT IS MY POINT. It is not just about the people in the fold already but the people outside of the fold. Let’s make our home more welcoming from outside to the people we are inviting.

        If so many people have risen to sort out the issues in celestial and has failed then we should turn to God, see all this slandering n fights going on is doing more bad to us than good.

  5. Superior Evangelist T Bisi Odukoya says:

    Hhhhmmmm, this is a ‘million dollar question’
    Pastoral calling is basically spiritual and finance falls under management.
    In my own opinion, pastoral calling should emulate Paul Apostle (to have time for the spirituality they had been called) as recorded in Acts 6 vs 1-6. We need to realise that the Bible does not for any reason identify Jesus Christ as keeping the Treasury.
    On the issue of Papa Oschoffa having control of the money then, he has the rights then not because he is the Pastor (Spiritual) but Founder (Manager /Enterpreneur). There can only be one founder and many pastors may follow after his demise. Mind you, he relinquished his proprietary / management /enterpreneur post by his live TV interview on OGTV, where he stated that ‘pastoral seat is not automatic by heredity or seniority but spiritual ability as deemed fit by the owner of the church (Jesus Christ).
    Whoever that eventually becomes the pastor may decide to influence the management team to give royalty to the family of the Founder

    As I had always said and will continue to say, leadership challenges we have in Celestial is due to the inability of those close associates of Pastor Founder to key into his mission and vision. Everyone of them then was setting eyes on his position.

  6. Olumide says:

    No is not right at all, the pastor is on spiritual matter is church a financial institution no but a spiritual institution is just like telling a chairman of a bank to be in charge of the bank IT no it is not possible.

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