Sighting Of Mysterious Crucifix Beside A Mosque In Lafia, Nasarawa Scares People

October 2, 2016 / Celestial News Online / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

It’s obvious the two religions, Christianity and Islam are all created by same Unseen God but the manner in which we go about it seems to have created animosity between the two parties. Recently, there is confusion and panic in Lafia as a mysterious crucifix sighted in a few metres from a central mosque has left people baffled.

People of Assakio Development Area in Lafia, Nasarawa State woke up to a shocking drama on Saturday following the sudden appearance of a strange cross five feet away from a central mosque in the community.

The strange cross attracted a large crowd of people who came to catch a glance of the mysterious cross forcing many to begin praying for forgiveness and blessings.

According to a report by Punch, the illuminated cross was projected on to the ground. Speaking about the shocking incident, a 15 year-old-girl, Hajara Hussaini, who witnessed the drama said she first sighted the sign of a cross at about 8pm on Wednesday.

Hussaini, who said she had been sent on an errand by her parents, explained that when she saw a strange light, fear gripped her forcing her to rush back home to alert her mother, Matan Liman.

Matan confirmed the incident. She said she had sent her daughter to visit her grandmother. The middle-aged woman added that her daughter saw the crucifix while returning from the errand.

The Chief Imam of Assakio Central Mosque, Muhammed Iliyasu, who confirmed the incident, said that the appearance of the cross within the premises of the mosque was a revelation from God, affirming that “Jesus is also a prophet of God.”

Punch further reported that the Very Rev. Micheal Dogo of the Evangelical Reform Church of Christ, Assakio, who confirmed the incident, described the appearance of the cross as a sign of reconciliation in the community.

However, an Enugu State native, Grace Eze, who resides in the Ashige area of the community, has revealed that she got healed after visiting the scene of the cross.

She said, “I underwent a surgery about two years ago after which I started to experience a movement in my body. But after praying before the cross, I got healed.”illuminated-cross

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