Skipping Service On Sunday Because Of Harvest Should Stop

September 3, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Uncategorized / 2 Comments »

I went to a parish to worship on a Sunday, and I noticed that the Service was very fast with serious haste, Psalms that should be read with patience and humility was rushed by the service conductor.

Within me, I didn’t feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. All the hymns were cut short, the fifth hymn wasn’t sang, it was straight to the announcement of the day. It was later on, I asked a member that, why was the service so fast like this including the three members’ prayers.

The answer given to me was the Church is going to a nearby neighbor’s Harvest, then I thought within myself that, is it because of harvest all lines and services were cut short? The answer was yes.

Is Harvest more important than God? As a true Celestian, we are to worship in spirit and truth, with no rush and hurry. A lot of shepherds do that many times, whereby they instruct the service conductor to cut the service because of a particular event.

When Services are cut short, for that day everything is regarded as nothing in the sight of God. The Sunday service is different and should be handled spiritually and not physically.

It is now rampant in many parishes in Celestial Church today, and many Shepherds never see this as a wrong move. God must be respected.

Gone are those days whereby only a few people will go and represent the church in that harvest and the service will continue, then after service, they’ll all meet at the harvest.


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2 responses to “Skipping Service On Sunday Because Of Harvest Should Stop”

  1. Celemi says:

    Halleluyah Olusho O. The writer is right called out these and express what is wrong in today’s church. There is no excuse to short a service and if the church need to be in another church to celebrate with them, they could have just rang the bell without ushering Jerimoyama in. May God continue to teach us all

  2. Oluso O. Ajayi says:

    There is nothing wrong in making a speedy service in order to collaborate and support a sister parish’s harvest. Harvest is being celebrated only once in a year and it is much more special and important in it’s own divine class. In many circumstance, some some small upcoming ( agbo kekere) depends on the collaborative supports of the sister parishes to make their harvest a succes. Harvest itself is a worship, even, a specially dedicated service of gratitude, to the almighty God, God of creation, God of protection , God of life. Harvest is a feast of passover. Ajodun odun ajo- irekoja ni. It is a feast commanded to appear before the everlasting God to return back all the glory to the most high. “Lati da ope pada s’odo eni to ni ope” ( Exodus: 34: 22). Even, in the very late 70s up till the early 80s, we used to travel far away for harvest in another city, not even attending your parish, because you might have to leave a day or two ahead of the event. Does it means that ,if you have to attend harvest of another parish in Ilorin kwara state and your own parish is in Ibadan where you live, must you have to first appear and do half service or worship fully in your parish ?? Will you be able to meet-up or if at all you get there late, what reasonable part of the harvest program would you be partaker of ? So, we need to get it clear, harvest is very important, even they do it in catholic church too. Though. I was born in celestial church, into the family background of Celestia clergy. But, I attended a Roman Catholic Mission primary school , and I remembered back in the days , we used to go to the catholic cathedral yearly to join them to celebrate harvest. So , harvest seasons in celestial church is a special general festive season for all the celestial and celestial churches, in one love, harmony and spirituality. Ki Oluwa ki o ka gbogbo wa ye.

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