Solution To The Division Between Nigerian Christians And Muslims

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Anjuwon OluwoleNigeria is bitterly divided, but in the past two weeks the division has reached a height if not carefully dealt with Nigeria would be in a state of further hysteria based on their religious and ethnic inclination.

As we are 2 years shy of 60 years as a nation, we are meant to be healing the wounds of the past, but rather, we are hurting ourselves deeper, by inflicting ourselves further with harm.

But this seems to be the interest of the President Buhari, Northern State Governors whose states were affected by various pogroms in recent times and the security agencies.

This has made the weaker side of these senseless killings, the docile and mostly dovish Christians to appear paranoid.

An example of this is the attempted arrest of Apostle Johnson Suleiman by the Department of State Service (DSS) because he condemned and subtly called on Christians to protect themselves against attacks from suspected Fulani herdsmen.

But the same DSS and the Nigerian government have remained mute to various statements made by various Muslims leaders, which might have truly incited their members to react against Christians and Southerners.

Also, they had appeared not to be proactive in protecting Christians, when they were attacked, maimed and killed by the suspected Fulani herdsmen, who are Muslims.

Although the DSS has tactically manoeuvred and invited Apostle Suleiman to its office, the actions and the inactions of the DSS and indirectly the present government wreaks of bias in the subconscious mind of Nigerians.

The government and the security agencies must quickly erase the mental acceptance as true that it is protecting Muslims and working to decimate Christians.

The best way to heal the wound of mistrust between the predominantly Muslim North and the largely Christian South is for the Government to be seen as candid, decisive and even-handed in dealing with divisive issues, no matter whose ox is gored.

Anjuwon Oluwole

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