We’re Solutions To Our Problems In Celestial- Fisayo Joel

December 1, 2016 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 2 Comments »

We are the solution to our problems, there will never be an outsider helping us to solve the problems but rather ourselves.

In August 19th, 2016, I was preaching inside a bus while putting on my garment, before entering the bus I was given flyers by Winners Member titled “Operation Bring Many” after my little preaching with Psalm 118, I began to share the flyers given to me from Bishop David Oyedepo Ministry member inside the bus, I even shared a video on my wall in August 23rd where I proved this story and tagged it “Stop condemnation and preach the Gospel”

It was so amazing seeing Celestial Church member preaching with passion inside a bus with his garment (From Iyana Dopemu to Oshodi), an unknown pastor from Redeemed Christian Church of God was inside the bus who gave me his handkerchief to clean my face when I was sweating.

The greatest surprised of all was when I began to share the flyers given to me after preaching.

I did that not for the sake of anyone but for my heaven sake and for the glory of God in my life.

People began with different comments inside the bus that “Celestial people do preach like this?”

As a youth in this great fold, what is your contribution towards moving this church forward?

How many times have you ever gone on your knees to pray for the glory of this church?

The only revival to move this church forward should begin from every individual without anyone sitting on the fence.

Your little efforts and contribution towards the advancement of the church will go a long way in helping others to change their perception and reactions to the glory of God in Celestial Church.

I am not saying I am perfect or I know it all, but my little effort is working for good and changing some wrong perceptions about us.

I only need few and vibrant people in this fold who can work along with me in 2017, a better way with great impact of reaching out already planned.

There’s nothing wrong with Celestial Church of Christ but every individual must search oneself and rethink.

I welcome you all to December, 2016.

I pray to God Almighty that, this December will not be your last December to witness on earth in Jesus Name.

Ijo mimo o ni baje o! Ina Jesu o se fomi pa

I am Fisayo Joel.

2 responses to “We’re Solutions To Our Problems In Celestial- Fisayo Joel”

  1. yomi Newton says:

    move on with your calling, no mistake in sharing the word of God

  2. Olaoluwapo says:

    Good one. Well done. Just funny when people say “So celestial members can Preach” as if it isn’t church. If we can’t preach the Word, then why is it called a church? ? It’s Well.

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