Some Service Conductors’ Bad Habit in Celestial Church

July 21, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Order of Service / 2 Comments »



The service conductor’s responsibilities during service are to coordinate and supervise all the events in the course of service. A service conductor plays a significant role in a service, which makes their service needed and pivotal.

There are habits that some service conductors do emulate, which is a bad habit. Most of the time, the conductor determines how glorious the service will be because he must be in the spirit for the Holy Spirit to flow and move.

Before any service conductor would conduct a service, he wouldn’t have been notified by the shepherd ahead to put some factors in place before conducting a service, but many of the factors have now been abused by some service conductors. It is assumed that you must abstain from s.e.xual intercourse with your wife or anyone else three days prior the glorious day. But some service conductors make love to their wives and still come to church to conduct service same day. This is a very bad habit.

Little wonder some shepherds struggle vehemently before the Holy Spirit can move in the course of service.

Another uncultured and lack.of respecr for God is that, you are aware that you are conducting a service and you are coming to church past 10 am. This is not nice at all. As a service conductor, you should be in the church before everybody, and nothing should stop you from getting to the church by 8 pm. But being late coming to church by some service conductor is now a normal thing.

Some won’t even come at all, despite having been informed ahead, and instead of them putting calls across to the shepherd to shuffle them for replacement, they won’t call, and the shepherd won’t be able to reach them, and out of anger, the shepherd of the parish won’t have any choice but to turn himself to service conductor if nobody is capable of conducting.

Don’t forget that our shepherds are also human like us, so they are not anger-free nature. But if a shepherd conducts a service with anger, it is assumed that the service for that day is void. All the prayers made by the shepherd that day would be answered otherwise. We should take note.

A service conductor must learn to be brief with all the tasks given to him, most especially when it comes to prayers. They must be brief and short so as not to draw attention and prolong the service.

As a service conductor, abstain from s.e.xual intercourse if you are aware of conducting a service, be punctual, and if you won’t be available in the church to conduct due to unforeseen circumstances, try as much as possible to reach out to your shepherd to shuffle for an alternative rather than put the service for that day into jeopardy.


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2 responses to “Some Service Conductors’ Bad Habit in Celestial Church”

  1. Tayo Joseph Wolima says:

    My area of concern is the recent habit of some service conductors and Prophets plugging their ears with phone ear piece during services. I am always baffled and put off when I see such.
    I was forced to ask a Prophet who had an ear piece in his ear and trying to give prophecy to someone to tell me from whom exactly was the message coming from. Was it from his phone or from God.
    I am waiting for the opportunity to call attention of elders to any service conductor I see with this despicable habit.

  2. Shepherd Konan Quasimo ( Luton , UK) says:

    Service Conductor and elders must observe three (3) days ( 72 hours) of sanctification before going into the altar. Stay away from your wife, no kisses nor cuddle.
    Ps: the service Conductor must spend the night ( sleep) in church on Saturday by 10pm

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