Songs And Sermon: Some Choristers Are Guilty Of This Abnormality

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SONG is powerful. Song has a definite impact on us, in most, if not all aspects of our lives.

Song can change the mood of a person, act as a carrier for suggestions, and even influence the mind. As a matter of fact, songs are sung to communicate directly with the most high; it is a channel through which the presence of the Holy Spirit is brought down (2nd Kings 3-15).

Ephesians 5:19 says: Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord. Songs rendered before sermon should be able to guide and to prepare our mind before the message, spiritual songs rendered at this time should be able to lift souls and connect them to God.

There are tens of hymns that were inspirationally given for this course; also there are hundreds of songs that can fulfill this purpose. This is not to condemn the effort of the Choristers but to correct certain things that are done with this ambient time.

In other words, these songs are not songs that are motivated by feelings of Hip Hop, Juju and Fuji artistes, but songs that are inspired by the Holy Spirit to touch souls and prepare them for the message to be heard.

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Also, in a situation where the choristers turn the short music to revival before the sermon all in the name of searching for Holy Spirit that is not lost, so that the whole church will scatter with different types of spirit, let us understand that there is time for everything, we don’t need to sing for hours before the spirit moves, just as three songs from the Hymns book are enough to bring the presence of the LORD or if a Prophet/Prophetess is going to be put before the LORD for inquiries.

Indeed, as brother Paul wrote to the Romans (Romans 10-2), I can testify that some of the choristers guilty of these things have zeal for the work of God, but they need to work with this zeal in line with the knowledge of God.

God bless You!

I am Prophet Fisayo Joel

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4 responses to “Songs And Sermon: Some Choristers Are Guilty Of This Abnormality”

  1. wolex says:

    you are right

    • Samjulivic says:

      The trend of not mind the spiritual aspect of our worship in celestial goes a long way to decimate the real business of preaching the word. What is important? Son of praise or Preaching? yes, but things has been taken to the extreme and one aspect trying to override the others. Like the writer has suggested we need to give more time each for the program as they are all essential and form part of the worship. In the past, choir are mandated to perform anything after the normal worship and that opens the door for anyone to dance to what ever tune they have for the church at least one good hour. May the Lord help his Church. Amen.

  2. OluwatoPraise OBATULA DARLINGTON says:

    They have turned EVERYTHING upside down. Sufe take, Azobto, Shoki, Dabbing and Shaking of Booty to Glorify SATAN in place of Jesus Christ is the NEW TREND.

    Now that many do live Service, haaa is a pity to hear how the instrumentalists goes haywire all in the name of following TREND. No more solemn SONGS that can heal the Sick if brought to the Choir Stall. O MA SEE OOO, O TI BO LOWO OMO TI NJE EERU.


  3. Emem Ojo says:

    An inspiring piece there, the Celestial Hymns are mystically drafted in such a way that when you concerntrate and listen to one or two being sung you are lifted in spirit into a unique realm of praise. Celestial Hymns leaves you humbly broken to a level of total submission to the spirit of God.. Hymns like #Egbe Orin Yin Soke and #Kasise Fun Iwenumo emiwa can trigger the right mood to drift you into the Heavenlies leading to absolute concentration during the sermon and birth of a willing heart to serve Jesus Christ. May God Almighty teach us ways of feeling His presence without going against the rules of the Celestial Church of Christ. #HALLELUYAH

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