Spiritual Battles Are Real

August 29, 2022 / Alonge Michael / ARTICLE / 1 Comment »

The battles of spiritual warfare are intense when a person decides to accept Jesus as their Savior. The enemy will attack from all angles, hoping to dissuade the person from fully giving their heart to Jesus.

He will use circumstances, events, people, things, and even doubt in their minds to steal their hearts back to his ways. The seeds that are sown in people’s hearts will either take root on good soil, which is a heart fully surrendered to the Lord. Or, they will be sown in places where the word is snatched away from them until they fall away.

These types of battles are fought in the world but involve the spiritual forces of darkness that exist in the invisible realm around us.


Once we are made aware of the world’s influences and how they are in contrast to God’s ways, we must then learn how to operate in the world as true followers of Christ. It is one thing to be naive to the world’s deceptions, claiming innocence by ignorance, but once the truth is revealed, we have a responsibility to obey the Lord’s directions for us.

AVSE Andrew Adeniji
Shepherd, Holy Trinity Parish & Worship Centers.

Austin Akingbulu


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  1. Adeola says:

    This church is full of hypocrite ,can you imagine funke Akindele welcome to ccc but you Cele people which way,she came with her PA in uniform seated behind her nobody sees that ,even in front with mother Celestial nothing wrong because she’s a celebrity you all are all blind

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