Spiritual And Medical Facts About Coconut And Its Water

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It’s generally believed that the two basic items necessary to sustain life are Sunshine and Coconut Milk. How they put that together, i cannot state here but i can tell from spiritual point of view that Coconut, especially its water is medicinal.

When Coconut water is being processed, it turned to oil and that oil, as they say, is the healthiest oil on planet earth. Mothers milk produces healing for their babies, so something that identifies with this too is coconut water. Little wonder, God has used our pastor founder, SBJ Oshoffa to see beyond what ordinary eyes can see to have introduced coconut into this fold to use in numerous ways, one of which is to destroy the plans of the enemies with belief in God and His son, Jesus Christ.

Coconut is commonly found in tropical regions, scientifically Known as cocos (Monkey Face) Nucifera (Nut Bearing) the Spanish Explorers compared it to a Monkey face with the three indention on its hairy body. Coconut has a long respected History with our Church, CCC.

Spiritually  the Coconut  is used for prayers to secure the destiny of an individual who has Faith in such as it is said that no one knows how water enters through it so no one will tamper with your Destiny and with Biblical backings. Prophets can receive inspiration with prayer via the Coconut.

It’s is edible after the Prayers as the Coconut’s Flesh and the Juice are consumed or smashed on the rock to scatter the plans of the enemy.

But most Celestial Members consume Coconut by grating it to get flakes , it is squeezed and Coconut Milk is extracted…….. the Milk can be used to prepare Cococnut Rice, Coconut Candy, Bounty Chocolate and chips.. Milk shakes could be got from it.

Coconut is used for Medicinal purposes as it contains five essential Electrolytes present in the Human Body namely, CALCIUM ,MAGNESIUM, PHOSPHORUS,  POTASSIUM and SODIUM,.

Coconut Juice (water) could be given as drip, used for the treatment of  diarrhea, aids indigestion, lowers high blood pressure, treats Acne, other skin Blemishes… and Weight loss by suppressing ones appetite.

The Coconut is processed and produces oil for cooking, soap making, body and hair cream….The pod which is rough could be added to Fire from Firewood or Charcoal to improve the flame.

Hence the reason The Coconut remains a loved fruit by Celestial Church of Christ Church and its members who appreciate its value.

-Emem Ojo

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31 responses to “Spiritual And Medical Facts About Coconut And Its Water”

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  2. amaka.ogbonna.ao@gmail.com says:

    Good Day,

    Please, Id be grateful if you help interpret this dream.

    I was sitting with my aunts and one of them bought a coconut, broke it and gave me a part of it to eat.

    I woke up before I could eat the coconut given to me.

    Pls help with interpretation.


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