Spiritual Mentor: 3 Things To Examine When Choosing One

September 16, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Give & Take / Add Comment »

Spiritual mentors are people who care about our spiritual health, and personal growth and make us reach our fullest potential. There are many shepherds and prophets in CCC Who are taken as mentors by the youths for them to groom and grow them.

Spiritual mentors are not perfect people. Shepherds, prophets, or evangelists in CCC are not perfect like every other follower of Christ, they try as much as possible to leave upright to perfection. They’re there to give directives where and when needed.

Also, they do not have to be elders or ordained members of CCC. But they should be able to surpass you in spiritual maturity and challenge you in your growth.

There are many things you can examine when choosing a mentor. Depending on your personal beliefs there may be areas that are of most concern to you. Here are just 3 out of many.

  1. Do You Have Similar Beliefs: Spiritual mentor does not have to have the exact views and beliefs as you, but should be similar to yours. About spirituality, Religion, and Church.
  2. Do They Have Spiritual Mentor Themselves?: A potential mentor that doesn’t have mentors themselves might believe that they have arrived, so they need to be fed also for them to feed others too.
  3. Can You See Their Spiritual Practice In Their Daily Lives: Most shepherds in CCC are not taken as mentors because they don’t lead and show examples to the younger ones, especially in the area of fasting and prayers. They should clearly present themselves by leading by example, displaying exemplary qualities that will make their mentee respect them.


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