Spiritual Work In CCC: Blame To Fetish Leaders, Prophets Who Imported It Not SBJ

June 23, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Saints & Sinners / 1 Comment »

I have heard countless times where people conclude that the problem of CCC is spiritual work, which many have hidden under the spiritual work to perpetrate evils. Lots are not standing on the laid-down instructions, but they have implemented their own method by adopting Babalawo styles.

I would assert that the problem with the CCC is not the introduction of spiritual work, but rather the inability of some leaders, shepherds, and prophets to organise and put in place a system that would promote the growth of the Bible, which is a crucial component of the physical and spiritual salvation that all worshipers need.

Many demonic shepherds and prophets now have a cover to act in their Babalawo’s methods without consequence and the recruitment of church kids into the system because of the gaps and weak church structure.

When it became clear that many Christians, before 1947, could not make heaven as they yielded to the pressures of principalities and powers and ended up bowing to idols, the spiritual powers were designed by Jehovah through Jesus Christ and the hosts of heaven and were then handed to the church through the founder, SBJ Oshoffa.

Our problems are never caused by spiritual work, and we shouldn’t take advantage of Jehovah God’s design to address them. Instead, we should hold accountable the shepherds, leaders, and prophets who have brought fetish spiritual works from outside the CCC into the fold for their own personal gain and have consistently encouraged their followers to do the same.

I believe we must know the truth so that we can be set free.


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One response to “Spiritual Work In CCC: Blame To Fetish Leaders, Prophets Who Imported It Not SBJ”

  1. Tayo Joseph wolima says:

    You are very correct my brother. The inability of most shepherds and Prophets to align themselves with the dictates and laid down instructions of the Holy Spirit, their freelance alliance with cultism and traditionalists, coupled with the believe by most members that a prophet must be ( hot) at all times despite the fake prophesies have made mockery of the spiritual aspect of Celestial Church worship.
    Most members do not concentrate on their worship, but are always on the lookout for a prophet to give them messages as a compliment to the day’s service. Most are not ready for prayers to take its proper time to take effect but wants immediate action at any cost, which their money minded shepherds and Prophets are ready to provide fetishly.
    The terrestrial, shepherds, prophets and members in Celestial garments.

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