Stay Off These Acts During Your Harvest…Important Message For All Celestians

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It’s another harvest season and I hope we are all ready to celebrate the joy of the moment. But are how we celebrating it? Hope the purpose of celebrating a harvest will not be defeated or lost. In our church, we are trained to be moderate in all we do. We are told to be cautious of things that may bring the wrath of God to us.

Celebrating our harvests should bring us good fortune, should make us have peace after the event but a whole lot of us miss the glory and blessings attached to the celebration with our all kinds of nefarious acts.

I culled the article below from one of the members’ Timelines and I hope we would adhere to the rule of the game so that the God of harvest can bless us.


I plead with all true sons and daughters of Jehovah in this Holy Fold, to celebrate within the confines of God’s laws and tenets in the fold.

Detestable/ungodly acts such:

– Spraying of money

– Party-like celebrations

– Drinking of Alcohol and palm-wine, or serving same to visitors

– Wearing of special transparent sutanas, with excessive pleats

– Inordinate affairs

– Wearing 4-corner as group/individual harvest uniform, when not a prophet/tess

– We-must-make-money at all cost syndrome

– Harvest sales inside the church during the service

– Singing of worldly/secular songs all in the name of entertainment

– Trampling of CCC tenets by allowing invited non-celestial ministers to go beyond the pulpit into the Altar

– Laities/non-levites taking items of entertainment into their homes to exceed the harvest day (dangerous)

– Female Choir members entering the church to be robed, even when they are in their monthly visitation

– Excessive/immoderate adornments, use of jewelries, and make-ups, all under the disguise of harvest celebrations…

“…of which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.” (Gal 5:21b)

This is an open plea from a clear conscience as inspired. Let us all try as much as within our strength to avoid and warn others against these things.

After sowing our yearly seeds and bringing all into his vineyard as harvest sacrifice, it is the mandate of Heaven to bless us in return, so that we can return next year with a more bountiful harvest.

Therefore, let us avoid all impurities that can make our sacrifice unacceptable before our God and Lord Jesus Christ.

May the Lord God of harvest in Celestial Church bless and reward us all mightily in Jesus name.



Editor’s Note:

If your Parish indulges in any of the above, kindly take pictures with the name of the Parish and Shepherd and send to us,, we shall post for appropriate authority to take action. Nothing will change unless we change. Thanks

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6 responses to “Stay Off These Acts During Your Harvest…Important Message For All Celestians”

  1. Joan Olutola- Adebayo. says:

    God bless your soul for this. I grieve in my heart for all sorts of worldliness and atrocities on display in most of our parishes during harvests and in regular church service. I seldom attend harvests these days because I can’t stand such. The division in the church has negative impact on members who do not have the fear of God. We need true repentance to return to God.

  2. AKIN JEGEDE says:

    I thank you for this important message, I don’t want you to relent, Keep it up. They will soon hear. We shouldn’t look at what are going on in our church(the celestial church)’s the hand work of evil spirit.

  3. moses Emmanuel says:

    God will help us all

  4. Ajayi Funso says:

    I opened this post to read yesterday evening and later got carried away with other tasks,then eventually slept off before I could read it… I had completely forgotten about it but I had a dream overnight…. I saw harvest taking place in my church(I guess it’s juvenile harvest as I I saw little children in the choir stand)… I saw some of these kids in Surana that changes colour…As the person shakes or moves…. It changes to black, grey, red and white… This was however noticeable by the kids who wore it as they adore the colour changing by deliberately moving and looking at the clothes… Then j woke up around 3am…Just about an hour ago…. I opened my phone to check some mails…. And what I saw on my browser is this post….

    …I believe it’s not just a coincidence…. God is passing a message here

    … Whoever reads this post and comments… Please, make changes… I’m sure God isn’t happy with the situation… And has revealed it for us to make amendments.

    God will continue to bless the admin(s) of this blog… It’s really informative

  5. Sup. Evan. Akinleye O. A (JP) says:

    God will give us the opportunity to follow His ways. Shalom!

  6. Shemilore Bukunmi says:

    May Good Lord gives all the willing and obedient spirit to adhere to simple instruction.

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