Is This Still Celestial Church Of Christ Or Something Else With This Kind Of Things? (Photos)

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Juvenile Alagba Juvenile Elesin Juvenile Lace Superior Juvenile Mother Celestial Juvenile OlusoJuvenile Harvest celebrated every first Sunday of June is globally recognized by every parish of Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide irrespective of the factions or class. It’s a day dedicated for teenagers of the church to merry, enjoy and feel among since the adult harvest doesn’t usually have their attention. That’s a good concept.

During the time of Papa Oshoffa, I don’t think the service was being celebrated the way we do it now. I stand to be corrected though, what occasion is it allowed in our constitution to dress a child like this?

What portion of the constitution tells us that the juvenile must be robed in adult’s regalia? Is that not telling these young minds that it’s just ordinary clothes! Is it? No!

This is a garment a woman with an issue of blood touched and she became whole. Luke 8:43-48.I want to believe that, the people doing that should start to pray about the children they have robed with that because the case of Baba Bada and Papa Oshoffa that I was told by my Shepherd still echoes in my eardrum.

Did you say what case? Papa SBJ, you and I know, till his demise, he never traveled to any Whiteman country due to the message given to him by the Holy Spirit concerning his last moment. He became aviophobia or aerophobia, fear of air or flight. He was said to have given his regalia to him (Baba Bada) being his second in command to place it on the people he was meant to use it for but….I will say nothing any further, those who know what happened to him will know that those children wearing such regalia are in serious perilous situation only prayers will avert the wrath of God on them.

There are many pictures like this supposedly taken on Juvenile Harvest Day to honour the children for the day but does it have to be this way? During my own time, we were using Palm fronts as loins and the grace was sufficient for us. Now Satan has taken over the church and we are all doing things haphazardly….Romans 1: 28. May God help His church! Amen

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18 responses to “Is This Still Celestial Church Of Christ Or Something Else With This Kind Of Things? (Photos)”

  1. SEUN IDOWU wonders of God parish says:

    I see nothing bad here too in as much we allow them to conduct juvenile harvest service right in front of main alter so I see nothing bad in honoring them with all church elders dressings.
    Is bigger alter we allowed them entering and conducting service on juvenile harvest not more important and spiritual matters before us and God than the elders cloths.

    They are allowed to climb the sermon shelve to preach so I see no reason why they should not be given the full honour only for just one day.

    We have seen a lady who is not up to 40 by age wearing mother in celestial rank dress just because she married a Shepherd and is that one ok or because she is a Shepherd wife?
    Is monetary alter calling that we see today doing by our shepherds and invited prophets for revival or Sunday service and selling of candles inside church during service for shepherd or his wife by onibode part of our doctrines? When we saw it written clearly that Jesus entered temple and saw people selling and buying inside the temple and Jesus chased them with a cane but this selling and buying we see happening in celestial on daily basis.
    Some parent can spend 20k for their child dress for just a day or for a food at eatery and they should be allowed and if you don’t have money to do same way for kids then pray to God and leaves this egun in fun won(bringing curses upon anybody) thinking mentality.
    And as a Christian why should we pronoun eegun(curse) when Jesus warned against speaking evil against fellow souls.

    Jesus said let the children come unto me…which honour could more than this giving to the children by most high Daddy?
    Jesus knows their important and the blessings surrounding honouring the children.

    Is their day and lets give them all the honours they deserve in as much their parent have the capacity.

    Is just for a day.

    Any day aside this day, they should not be allow to wear it.

  2. Mc thuraya says:

    Why do like making worshiping in celestial church a boring environment?
    What is bad in honoring the kids on their joyful day with any kind of the church dressing?
    Of what disgraceful effect will this bring to the church honoring the children when a worldly office hold Raji fashola will step down a day for a kid to sit as a day Governor in Lagos on children day.

    Is high time we need to move away from this our boring mentality that is not helping the church compared to other churches.

    Taking the name of the church to court by our elders fighting for pastoral post is OK spirit abi? When oshofa warned before dying that nobody should take the name of the church to court nor before any judge… Nobody says anything about that due to the fear your various Shepherd puts in your minds.

    The kind of garments we wore in celestial this days, is it same thing with that of oshofa’s time?

    Beautifying the children should not be a taboo thing for just only a day if you have money to do it and if you don’t have the money then don’t crucify those doing it.

    There are a lot of disgracing things seeing in some of the church parishes that nobody talks about nor penalized them for that.

    So let’s upgrade the church so that younger generation can stay and worship the Lord in the church.

    Even if you have the money to bring bouncing castle for the children and Teddy on juvenile harvest pls bring it.

    Lets move away from old mentality things or is there any video or books where papa went against it?

    During papa is there any post like special most,ven. Sup. And so on that we see today?

    Is selling of bazaars market inside church when harvest service is still going ordained by papa or holy spirit? And which is not bad cuz most time people go on before the end of the service end.
    Bringing something good that will move the church forward should be welcomed.

    Am point here is that “honouring the kids with all kind of the church rank dressings on juvenile harvest day is a good things and OK as Jesus said ” let the children come unto him” that is honor given to them by Jesus the father of all Godly churches.

  3. Imoleayo Odunfa says:

    Please do you know the church that practice this things

  4. Prince Adegboye Adeniran Tomisin says:

    Let’s keep on praying for more of God’s direction and intervention, especially how Celestial Church of Christ will be one under one Pastor.

  5. Snr Evang. Sofowora S says:

    Nothing is wrong with Celestial Church but with many that have been deceived by Satan as d church grows in age and numerically. This should be expected, let anyone standing on d solid foundation be vigilant and prayerful. The first family on earth were two and one fell directly to Satan to affect d other. Millions were rescued from Egypt tru Moses and only two made it to d promised land.Moses prophesied that after his demise many will derailed and it did happen. Did Papa not prophecy same? It is not children,many dresses have been fashioned by our females in paticular,what about loins and many other issues . Let the few who know d foundation of Christ in CCC stand properly and continue to voice out like John d Baptist in this wilderness of life.
    As for this media group, u are wonderful and God will bless u IJMN

  6. alagba says:

    my brethren is it the clothes that signify the worship of God ? God is not man and his ways are not our ways, and the only garment which is recognize by God is that of holiness and righteousness, if it is the clothes we wear many of those elders that wear the superior or venerary if you ask God to open your eyes to see their rank you would see them with house clothes not even brother ,, pls i would advice this forum to always discuss what would bring salvation to this great God and encouragement and not all this nonsense that has nothing to do with us or our God.

  7. Ayodeji says:

    @oladipo you are very correct satan can never take over the Church, just the mind of those who let him do, to my understanding this act is very wrong, let all do what is right.

  8. Oladipo says:

    Would want to correct this….pls.
    satan has not and will never take over the Church (CCC), he only controls the minds of those who let him do.
    But I know God is not dead; He’s alive.
    As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord (in right and moral ways)
    What about u?

  9. Akindurodemi Israel says:

    Ignorance of the highest order!

  10. Gbenga says:

    Some are doing it for civilization y they forgotten that had it was in the beginning so shall it be forever more,when u change,change for better not worst.what can we called that, am sure the Shepard supported the act

  11. oluwafemi says:

    Doctrine matters alotin the holy fold..”Celestial Fold” this should repeat itself cos its a taboo

  12. Lane ijaoye says:

    Their parents are bringing curse upon them. They lack wisdom

  13. Hon. Snr Evangelist Segun Enduku says:

    Hmmmm, wonders shall never end they say. This is my 30th years in Celestial Church, i have never witnessed this, am just seeing it for the first time, even in the Province, where i worship, i have never experienced such.

    All these are happening because of the disunity that exist in Celestial Church of Christ, may the Lord himself who is the head of the Church intervene and redeem the image and lost glory of this church before it becomes another thing entirely, may God help us

  14. special most evangelist M A AFOLABI says:

    It is highly unbecoming of any parish leader or shepherd to have opened there eyes and allowed children dress up in the regalia of venerable superior evangelist .what is celestial church turnning into .these children will sit inside the high alter and perform the work of a leader.have they forggoten what happend to the first celestial secretary even during the time of BABA OSCHOFA.The alter of God is not a place of play for children may God save the life of his children.what i see in celestial now is that leaders dont have respect for God anymore that is why you see them having six or more wifes as lunatics shepherds.

  15. oladapo says:

    Salvation matters, doctrine. Matters and following God’s instruction matters. This practise is unconstitutional in CCC and should not be tolerated. Only those who want to destroy the church say doctrine doesn’t matter that’s why most pentecostal chirches worldwide are leading people to he’ll with fake doctrine and properity gospel because they don’t have sound doctrine from God, my people are destroyed because of the lack of knowledge.

  16. oluwaseun says:

    not possible

  17. Prophet MK Kenny says:

    Lol.. this must be Juvenile harvest..
    I dont know if its wrong or right, But I know some people are against it and last year 2016, I saw a circular on FB warning against dressing up kids with all this robes. All the same, our salvation is what matters most not the robes we wear.

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