Stolen Water Is sweet, Food Eaten In Secret Is Delicious

November 7, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 3 Comments »

the-creedEver wondered why it looks so difficult to do without sin or keep God’s commandments. It is an arrangement from the pit of hell to steal your eternal life. This is the handiwork of Mr. flesh and this flesh is what controls your emotions. “Stolen water is sweet, food eaten in secret is delicious” (Prov. 9:17NIV)

You see young people who cannot do away with fornication while they are single yet complain of too much sex when they are married. This is because stolen water is sweet but the understanding of God’s word will tell you that not all sweet things are healthy. (1Cor. 6:12)

When you are fasting, every food you see seems to be tempting you but on days when you are not fasting, you can take your breakfast by 2pm without complaining or feeling hunger. Food eaten in secret is delicious but will it fill you?

Before you drink that stolen water or eat that bread in secret, ask yourself; will your hunger or thirst be quenched? If yes then you had better drink of the water of life and eat of the bread of life which is Jesus Christ so you will never hunger or thirst again.

Listen, it may be delicious but will steal your cross; it may be sweet but will land you in pit. Choose wisely.

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