The Story No One Reported About Rev Shonekan And Pastor Mobiyina At Maforikan’s Burial

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bolanle-shonekan-2 bolanle-shonekanWho is Noble and who is not! This is an account of one of the prominent clergymen in Celestial Church of Christ. My take on this is that, when are we going to embrace peace and unity bind by the love of Christ? Are we still going to live our lives fighting a war we cannot win? I am for Paul or Apollo shouldn’t destroy this great church. 1 Corinthians 3:4-5, “For when one of you says, “I follow Paul,” and another, “I follow Apollos,” are you not mere men? Who then is Apollos? And who is Paul? They are servants through whom you believed, as the Lord has assigned to each his role.…. I hope our leaders will think and not share from the curse of Romans 1:28.

This is what Reverend Bolanle Shonekan posted on his timeline.


I don’t just talk it, I live it, daily. If you don’t believe I am a true Christian and bonafide Celestian, this will prove it.

In the picture that every camera missed and no one will post on the Internet. I Prophet Godwin Bolanle Shonekan, Most Rt. Reverend and bonafide Pastor of Celestial Church of Christ walked up to Rev. Emmanuel Oshoffa where he was sitting at the burial Service of an ICON in Celestial Church of Christ, Rt. Reverend, Prophet Paul Suru MAFORIKAN of blessed memory, to greet him as all good Christians should do. But unfortunately as I reached out to shake his hand, I was told by his people that he did not shake hands and I replied that I too do not shake hands with voodoo either and get back to my seat with four elders separating the two of us as they have requested not to seat near me.

Well, I have done my part to prove that I am not in a fight with the family of Papa Oshoffa of blessed memories. Emmanuel in particular, I hold no grudge with him, I know he would have shaken my hand and we would have hugged as well if his emissaries had wanted him. I carry my own weight and make all the decision that affected my life and others, that’s leadership as I know it.

All other evil minds behind cameras were not in spirits of friendliness and missed the shots as they were of indecent expectations, they even stationed one of their henchmen to stand guard in front of me, which made another noble elder to remain standing in front of me till I left the event place, see the photos posted on facebook timelines.

May GOD save HIS Church and us all in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST. Amen!”

13 responses to “The Story No One Reported About Rev Shonekan And Pastor Mobiyina At Maforikan’s Burial”

  1. samuel imolehin says:

    shonekan can not heal malaria what of emmanuel what can he heal ? hmm papa have said it, he said the person that will be pastor after him will have twice his power so my fellow brethren let emmanuel shonekan or any others fake pastors be deceiving themselves. GOD can never be mock. under seven years from now all these mess will stop.

  2. Oluwole Opafemi says:

    I don’t know when all this drama will stop but I know that everybody we account for his deed at the throne of judgement when the time comes, c c c hymn says gbogbo wa ni yio duro ni waju oluwa ati ewe ati agba aro si roejo wa.

  3. Wordwide says:

    Please sir, on behave of CCC Worldwide we are using this medium to invite you to Imeko 2016 and conduct the anointing service and Christmas eve service for us so that we can follow you and believe in you as our CCC Pastor. Iya ti o je ku lojo si will continue, season film ni, o ni duro wo tan…… Nonsense

  4. Samuel. says:

    Why are you people struggling for position of a Pastor. Every shepherd is a Pastor. If you are sure of yourself, declare and organise a special CRUSADE IN NATIONAL STADIUM either in Lagos or Abuja. Let’s see the signs and wonders that will follow. This will be a Testimony for your acceptance. Let’s see the annoiting for Supernatural manifestation. GOD IS NOT A LIAR. NO SPIRITUAL GENERAL OVERSEER YET AMONG US. !!!

  5. Adeniyi mrs says:

    This guy has no followers and he’s claiming bona-fide. Even if your cursed, you shouldn’t curse yourself

  6. Mummy JP says:

    Shonekan is not called by anyone. Why are you deceiving yourself for. You can’t even cure malaria patient and you are claiming what? Nonsense

  7. Segun Ogunleye says:

    When has burial service becomes place for settling of a major problem in CCC? The end is very near and I do hope you all are thinking about your last breath. For me this post is irrelevant to the leadership tussle tearing the church apart. Gbogbo wa ni yio duro niwaju Oluwa, atomode ati agba, a o si rojo wa.

  8. Halley says:

    If truely you are the bonafide pastor?Then come and lead the congregation at christmas eve service @Imeko.

  9. Olamilekan says:

    How many pastors we are having in ccc?why not leave all these pastors and face Jehovah’s way

  10. adebayo olabode o. says:

    idobale kin se iwa .are you a member of great church CCC which means the grace or you are a member of 666means no more grace . pick one. ijo mimo ko no baje

  11. kehinde ayodeji says:

    And what significance does this post tend to achieve?

    So shaking hands n hugging means people are united in your own sense of judgement shonekan?

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