Sup. Evang. Alphonsus Aihonsu Reacts To Unity Conference Article

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His speech, faith and dedication in God’s works are few of his attributes he has. Superior Evang. Alphonsus Aihonsu is a factor to reckon with in London. A supporter of good cause who is passionate about the oneness of the church. Reacting to the article posted by us yesterday concerning the position of the church about the communiqueCCC Woldwide of the 2015 Unity Conference held in London which none of the people involved has failed to implement.

He said “In fact, the truth is bitter. Anything contrary to the above MoU is a waste of time and energy. Most Celestial members are aware that UK/Northern Ireland Diocese is the “nucleus” of Celestial Worldwide. Unity from that end will trickle down and have dominoes effect on all other dioceses of the church thereby creating desired and anticipated Unity.

Do you know that Pastor Adeogun (Baba Sakete) of the Benin Republic Diocese still upholds his respect in the UK as before? If UK could unite, it will be easy to see how to get Baba Sakete to uphold the interest of ONE INDIVISIBLE CHURCH, we all joined and are hoping to see again soonest. It was the influx of Shepherds from Nigeria to head parishes here that created the division.

A Shepherd alleged to have mishandled his parish and parishioners at Ibara, to the extent of going to Eleweran Police Headquarters in Abeokuta, made to testify and defend the allegations at Imeko and unfortunately published by the ALAROYE newspaper is still allowed to continue ‘feeding God’s flock’? What will he do to them?. To worsen the case, he is even now in London by the express permission of a very senior member of church to head his parish here in London.

Ketu’s administration is total a shame to humanity and its profession.

My Sup Evans (Barr) Famakinwa, please watch out. Do not allow them to soil your good records with ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ philosophy. That is their aim of making you the Secretary of the 70th anniversary committee. To shut up your mouth but remember, you are there for a rightful God’s purpose. Going through your profile, I could see that you are an MPIC, IMC and now Secretary to 70th Anniversary Committee. Moses was in Pharaoh’s house for a purpose. God saves His people. Amen”


8 responses to “Sup. Evang. Alphonsus Aihonsu Reacts To Unity Conference Article”

  1. Claire says:

    Very good:

  2. Sup. Evang. Adetule Johnson says:

    Its a shame to even have Baba Oshoffa Son building a million edifice called home beside his late father uncompleted project and what lesson has that thought us,Volintarily incteasing his salary to 1.5million monthly, building school at porto-novo while none in Celestial church and buying many estates in Abeokuta , Ogun state with the help of One Ogunremi whom he has now as Imeko building Chairman? What a total shame, going to london soliciting for money and in America? As for gabriel, he is Ole ntele alfaa…. Follow, follow, with all humiliations meted to him by writing undertaking of returns refund and same boss is swallowing without anyone cautioning him, Something is wrong with you all and you need to be reannointed having done annointment in devilish manner unheard of. Shameful people

  3. Overcomer says:

    Stop watching ur dirty linen outside celestial church of christ wake up from ur dreamland u are all tarnishing the image of the church.. Stop this social media marketing strategy that’s embarrassing ur church. I rest my case whatever you wish me shall be ur portion.

  4. Evangelist Anthony Oyagha. says:

    When love of money takes centre stage in a man’s life. God will show us the way. Wisdom from above will prevail. Celestial will regain the lost glory. All betrayers shall be put to shame.

  5. A/S/E. Adegbe Ifelodun says:

    Thanks so much colleagues. Baba Oshoffa’s children in the helm of affairs in Celestial are the issues we have in this church and until all of them are out of the way, bet Celestial will have peace. They dont even like themselves, there are lots of backbiting amongst them, none of them is like their father, not even one.

  6. Sup. Evang, Ogunkanbi says:

    you dont have mouth to talk gabriel, upon all ketu did to you? Who told you i belong to Sakete even if i did he’s a noble man and a man of honour unlike your push me i go pastor that knows nothing but money. The fact that we are based in London doesnt give you the impetus to talk to us anyhow. Things are happening with people in Nigeria and none of you are not thinking straight. Always rivalry amongst you people over money, Mobiyina and his team coming to London to ask for money. Dont you people have shame? And you that’s even talking dont have the right because i know you can always sing another tune when you are given a plate of food.

  7. Sup. Ev. Femi Gabriel Obinyan. says:

    what has ketu got to do with someone visit to UK ? was it ketu organized his paper and ticket to London ? bcos you belong to Baba Sakete does not give u the right to mess other group black. shame.

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