Supernatural Power Behind Celestial Church Of Christ Mercy Land

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I’m happy to share this to you and others who are not ofmercy-land this great church, Celestial Church of Christ!

I have written so many things about Celestial Church, Christianity as a whole, even as a minister in different denomination or word impartation but i’m writing this to open people’s eyes to the supernatural power in Celestial Church mercy land.

Majority of Celestial Church members are yet to know the exceptional power behind the special place called THE MERCY-LAND.

Some people take it as relaxation centre, some believe it’s a place to do a robot meeting etc.

Mercyland is the cleanest place in Celestial Church where the Angels of God mostly love to play instruments. (I am not saying the Angels are not in other areas of the church)

Let me shed more light to that….

November 3rd, 2015, we were preparing for our harvest at Omotola central parish while the choristers were busy with their rehearsal inside church, I left them to make short prayer at mercy-land around 1:07am and I saw the Angel taking out of the maize inside the white bowl placed at the altar for Sunday service. The greatest of it all……the angel left visible marks of his fingers on the bowl and poured parts on the floor.

I quickly ran unto the choir and called them to come and see, they all came out and saw the marks with visible eyes, then everyone of us were engaged in serious prayers to tap from the grace of the moment.

Moral lesson:

The power in Celestial Church of Christ still remains like never before and the glory is still shinning if we worship with sincerity, love and harmony.

Mercyland is never a place to toy with; it’s a special place where silent prayers answer speedily without doubts. God bless you all.

Fisayo Joel.

11 responses to “Supernatural Power Behind Celestial Church Of Christ Mercy Land”

  1. Victor says:


  2. Chinyere ihuoma says:

    Thank God for CCC

  3. Nelly cruz says:

    Wow I love the church

  4. Zhhxhfxxcxnnxnx says:

    I will eye gsgsggdgsvsbxbxbzbbzfszxdhbdgdgdd

  5. Idongesit David Akpan says:

    Have not gain much from the church but I think I will soon come to pass

  6. Abdulkareem seidina says:

    How I wish I leave to withness the founder of this greatest church. CCC baba SBJ oshofa. Baba I love you and I love your history… May God bless your spiritual soul (Amen)

  7. Sophia nosa says:

    Just like majemu parish angles of god have be faithful there mimo

  8. Sophia nosa says:

    Just like majemu parish angles of god have be faithful their mimo

  9. Ayo says:

    An event occur some years back at CCC Apete parish during the opening of the mercy land then, I was a small boy but I can recall the event vividly. We (Sunday’s school children) found ourselves transferring the beach sand into the mercy land and then my eldest brother is our ring leader. After a while, we then imitate congregation prayer and a lady (Imisi) volunteer to knee down for prayer. We started singing and praying as per imitation but this girl couldn’t stop singing, to cut the long story short she went on trance and revealed so many secrets.
    Those prominent families at Apete then are Adelajas, Oguntundes, Baba Elijah, Babalapete and others

  10. ADOT says:

    The God we have then, still remain the same today and he will forever! Mimo Mimo Mimo ni fun Eladumare!

  11. Ishola Adeniran Samson says:

    May God continue to bless your hand work my brother.

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