Take Note: Part Of The Reason You Are Experiencing Financial Bankruptcy

July 5, 2022 / Olaiya / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

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It is always a good thing and a blessing when it comes to taking God’s business as ours. There are principles in God’s kingdom serving the purpose of lifting men. Many of us still never understand the mysteries behind supporting God’s work.

Some even have the mentality that the church belongs to the shepherd or prophet and not their church. The wise ones who understand these principles have reaped the benefits of others who are lacking.

Like I said, support God’s work to advance the gospel. Salvation is free, but it is very expensive to take it to the lust. That is, our money and substances are very much needed. It is because of a lack of knowledge we discover things that are not supposed to happen in the house of God but the rate at which it happens is so alarming at its zenith.

People love to make vows which they know they can never fulfil. They do this out of bragging and always want people to see them as big men or women. People are hailing you in public because of your fake pride, but God is not happy with you in the spiritual realm. It is better not to pledge than to pledge and not fulfil it. The Bible says don’t place a pledge you will never fulfil and it will attract punishment.

If you have been pledging without fulfilling it long ago and you are experiencing setbacks in some areas of your life, an unfulfilled pledge is an invitation to financial bankruptcy and economic crisis for such an individual. Those who secretly spend money to help the poor, widows, clergy, and less privileged without public display get the reward from God.

At the same time, let’s try to inculcate the habit of redeeming our pledge. At the same time, pledge only what you can afford. If you pledge to show off when the punishment sets in, no one will be there with you but you will be O.Y.O.


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