Talent In The CCC: What Roles Do Shepherds Play In The Development Of Their Members Into Stars?

June 15, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Give & Take / Add Comment »

Many of the celebrities we have in CCC are those that have ample stories to tell about how they got to the top. In CCC, we only support and appreciate results, but how to arrive at those results is never the business of the so-called leaders in CCC.

No doubt about it, CCC youth are talented when it comes to many activities in God’s kingdom, most especially in the area of music and instrumentation. CCC is known for a bunch of talent among the youths. Most of the instrumentalists playing for all these top musicians, e.g. K1, Pasuma, Osupa, etc., both worldly and gospel, are members of CCC and most of them started in CCC.

Still, the same church lacks instrumentalists now because there are no mentors for the young ones to emulate, and knowledge and skills are not impacted. The secret and strategy that Pentecostal churches use to attract our talent are what we lack in CCC.

Many things are now wrong in CCC. There is no support and encouragement for upcoming artists. Some shepherds make them feel less by encouraging and patronising a celeb more than grooming the ones you have in your parish. The only thing some shepherds could offer to an upcoming artist is to offer him a spiritual soap to bathe with. Spiritual soap without God’s inspiration would compound issues.

There should be support for the upcoming talent in the church rather than having self-praise when a member struggles between thin and thick to become a star, and the parish shepherd and CCC would be glad to be associated with such a celebrity. What impact did you have on the growth of becoming a star?

To CCC Shepherds and leaders: give your youths the environment to become who they desire to become; groom them; support their vision; and see what they will become. Merge them with celebrities whenever there is a need to bring them to your parish for a function. It builds their courage and helps them gain connections with the top artists.


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