Tattoo Inscription: Yemi Sonubi Is Better Than Some Occultists In Garment- Segun Awonusi

June 15, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 10 Comments »

Prophet Yemi Sonubi was recently advised by #CNO, in a write up, to do something with the display of the CCC logos inscription on his body being a representative of Christ in the church. The reason we came out with this article is simply to dissuade the minds of those who think we intentionally attacked the clergyman personality. nothing of such at all.

Well, so many people, most especially, the emerging generation, are looking at their leaders to emulate; the reason behind him having a tattoo might not be well explained enough to those who are just watching him from afar. What kind of misconception do we expect them to have about their shepherd? No one is an Island of knowledge; methinks, we are only trying to save the face of the church from being maligned by those who are not supposed to.

In a reaction to the report, one of his ‘hommies’ Prophet Segun Awonusi popularly called Reverend Segun has called out those who are bashing Prophet Yemi Sonubi, Shepherd, CCC Destiny Parish, London over his tattoo. Segun said Yemi is better than those who don’t have tattoos but do something worse than having one on their body. We agree with him on this.

Here is Reverend Segun’s submission “Yemi Sonubi is my true and real friend. I won’t join any dissenter in pretense. He had his social life to live and doesn’t warrant errant nonsense comments. He is 100% better off than fraudsters who preach and do evil in the secret corners of their homes. He always boasts of that tattoo before his call to serve as a true Oshodi-Mushin guy. Before Apostle Paul was arrested by the Holy Spirit, we all knew who he was then to Christians. So, Yemi Sonubi, you aren’t a pretender like them, relax and keep on with your good evangelical ministrations. Bring this out about you strengthens us more of one of the persecutions a true divine child is bound to face in life. He’s the current chairman of Evangelism. Seen taking coffee, unlike other occultists and masquerades in garment. I stand to emulate your attack spiritually on all witches and wizards.”

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10 responses to “Tattoo Inscription: Yemi Sonubi Is Better Than Some Occultists In Garment- Segun Awonusi”

  1. Salami Taiwo Ezekiel says:

    Though the inscription on his body signifies that he was a bonafide celestian…God had arrested u to become shepherd that watch over the flocks. pls live by example

  2. Celestial Born says:

    Had the tattoo before he was arrested/called…
    what’s calling got to do with it.
    As a Christian/Celestian either God calls you into the vineyard or not you should NOT do it.
    Also what’s the proof that he wasn’t already a Christian/Celestian when he had the tattoo done seeing it’s clearly the Celestial logo (cross, crown, eye) used along with the heading C.C.C.
    what are the chances of a non member useing our logo as his/her tattoo design.
    Let’s stop finding excuses for what is wrong joor and start correcting ourselves!

    For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become accountable for all of it.
    JAMES 2:10

  3. Celestial Born says:

    Had the tattoo before he was arrested/called…
    what’s calling got to do with it.
    As a Christian/Celestian

  4. Prophet MK Kenny says:

    Why are we quick to quote that part of the law in the bible that speaks against tattoos (Lev 19:28) BUT ignore the part that speak against cutting our hair or shaving our beards (Lev 19:27)… There are people who got their tattoos before they where called to serve in the vineyard of God. You are not holier than God who called the person with tattoos to serve in his vineyard so Stop judging people but rather work for your own salvation. Even the bible states it clearly that we should not judge (Mat 7:1)
    I am responsible for what I write, you are responsible for what you understand. (Full stop)

  5. Bukunmi says:

    I have a tattoon on my buttock which was seen during stream bath by other male youths. That was done before encountering Christ? Now am seen as an outcast who has such? Judge now hypocrites, who are those that Jesus is calling from their caves? Healthy ones or the sick ones? Remove the speck in your eyes before others. Only God saves me that I had no tattoon on my dick then.

  6. Akinsola damilare says:

    That he displayed it publicly after his so called ‘holy-spirit’ arrest is not sobriety nor not sure many of these jesters know the burden on them by virtue of their calling.The bible says a man of aspiring to become a bishop must blameless,meaning you must strive to ensure you don’t indulge in things that makes people question your God.Displaying tattoo publicly is nothing but rascality and anybody commending nothing but a co-traveller.i am not mincing words,celestial honestly do not deserve those spiritual miscreants.

  7. OLUWASEUN Briggs says:

    Bro Seun, you are right, at the same time you ate wrong. If that Segun I knew didn’t know much about him, he wouldn’t have said so, what do you expect the prophet in question to wear during summer? And in public place like coffe joint? Its not Africa weather mind you. So Segun may be right. A lot of friends to that prophet, but how many can bodly stand to defend him now? The word hypocrite and controversial is not seen here.

  8. Seun says:

    This controversial Segun Awonusi is an hypocrite. If the prophet/ sheperd in question is not his friend I know he will be the first to criticise him .The editor is not at fault so stop attacking him

  9. Sup. Evang. Adu james says:

    From the point raises by Revd.Segun, he said and I quote that the prophet in question had this tattooed prior to Holy spirit arrest which many knows. Now what else do you expect having explained his past life before Christ encounter? In this situation what do you expect the man with tattoon to do now? Kill himself or what? Hypocrites….

  10. Gbenga Alao says:

    Segun, can you have tattoo yourself? The editor is right. Let’s call a spade a spade. He shouldn’t have displayed it even if he had it before his calling. The youths and enemies are within to nail him on any dirty acts. May God give him the understand to know His words the more.

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