The Battle Of ‘Kingship’ Between Femi Opalemo And Lanre Teriba

September 22, 2016 / Celestial News Online / Saints & Sinners / 3 Comments »

king-femi-opalemofemi-opalemo teribaFor those who are following events in the gospel genre between two sons of the church, Olufemi Opalemo and Lanre Teriba, it’s no longer news that there is no love lost between them when it comes to leadership of the genre. We do not really blame these artistes but some mischievous people who, for the sake of a bowl of soup, created animosity between these talented singers.

Information reaching us has it that, ever since Femi Opalemo was awarded the king of Gospel music on November 23 2008, at the prestigious D-Rovans Hotel, Ring Road, Ibadan by members of the same association, who crowned Wasiu Ayinde Marshal as the First King of Fuji Music in 1993, Lanre Teriba has not reckoned with Femi on that ground neither has he paid ‘homage’ to his kingship.

Well, the certificate awarded to Femopal as Femi is fondly called, from the people operating under the National Association of Label Owners, Promoters and Artiste Managers indicates that Femi Opalemo is the ORIGINAL king of gospel music. It’s obvious those people are mischief makers.

My brothers and sister of this great church, without prejudice, what are gospel singers fighting over kingship for? I stand to be corrected though since no man is an Islander, gospel artistes are meant to sing songs that will preach the teaching and lifestyle of Christ.

If we need to fight over anything, I think it should be fight against the devil that has made material things relevant to the detriment of winning souls for the kingdom of heaven. They call themselves gospel artistes and messengers of the good faith, but indeed, at least, they should live up to the standard of what they proclaim to be representing. They need to follow the footsteps of the likes of Pastors Adelakun of the Ayewa fame, Ojo Ade, Sola Rotimi, Rosemary Chukwu, Bola Are and many others. My opinion though, no harsh feeling.


3 responses to “The Battle Of ‘Kingship’ Between Femi Opalemo And Lanre Teriba”

  1. anuoluwapo olamide taiwo. says:

    Hmmmmmm where is this life going for God sake is this the way our father ask us to do it……. What is our fathers in the lord doing about this, there just there looking at them dont have what to say all they know is money and post baba bada is looking at all of you please let change for good.

  2. Owolabi Tosin says:

    Corinthians 13 vs1to end.I may be able to speak d languages of human beings n even of angels, but if I hv no love, my speech is no morn than a noisy gong or a clanging bell.I may hv d gift of inspired preaching,I may hv all knowledge n understand all secrets. I may hv all d faith needed to move mountains but if I hv no luv,I am nothing. I may give away everything I hv n even give up my body to be burnt but if I hv no luv,this does me no good. Etc. Prophet Dare n Prophet Femi.pls I beg u in d name of Jesus change to Gud.God bless us.

  3. Denrele says:

    they ave to copy Imole ayo

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