The Best Time To Prepare For Marriage Is When You’re Still SINGLE

November 22, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / Add Comment »

You don’t learn how to shoot g.u.deborah-kosokon in the battle ground but rather learn it before the battle begins. As you make your bed so you sleep on it.

Your preparation will determine your experience, there is no accidental fulfillment in marriage, and if you are going to enjoy your marriage then you have to prepare for the institution fully. The only better time to prepare is when you are single; celebrate your season as a single man or woman. Being single is not a disadvantage, being single is not a sin; it should be preparatory moments for you that will usher you into ‘marriagehood.’ You are not under a curse being single, many don’t understand the philosophy of being single and they rush into marriage without certification.

It’s better to be single believing God to be married than to be unhappily married and praying to God to make you single again. Being single should prepare you for marriage not condemning yourself for being single.

Not many people understand the true meaning of MARRIAGE. According to my Encarta Dictionary, marriage simply means “a legally recognized relationship, established by a civil or Religious Ceremony, between Two People who intend to Live Together as Sexual and Domestic Partners.” The underlined words in the definition prove that two cannot work together unless they agree. It also means that the two must now agree to live together as one. Having agreed to do these aforementioned, they must now be helping partners, support each other’s courses, lean on each other and protect each other.

My candid warning to intending couples is that; don’t ever rush yourself into it because your friends are getting married. They thought marriage is just finding a partner, some ladies will even say “If I can just find a right partner that is ‘Tall, Rich, Handsome, Holy Ghost-filled and Pocket-loaded but they fail to realize that those things are not the real qualifications for marriage.

Every successful marriage is a product of adequate preparation and the best time to prepare is when you are single neither as a male or female. Don’t ever look for one thing in your partner, some people will say “I just love guys on suits and trouser” “I love cooperate guys” “I love girls with eyeballs or leggy queens of beauties” etc . What if that attraction fades off through natural disaster or any other means, what becomes of that marriage?

Don’t ever get into a marriage because of material things, those things you see will surely fade off as times goes on.

-I am Fisayo Joel

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