The Cause Of Infractions Between The Pastor And The Registered BOT

September 18, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Give & Take / Add Comment »

Recall that it was published on #CNO Nation that the urgent need for the headquarters of the Celestial Church to swing into action by providing adequate support to the local parishes.

Chris Ogbaisi, in his words, shed more light on what is expected from the headquarters to the local parishes.

“Why would any right-thinking human being want to reap where he did not sow or attempt to sow?”
Can we genuinely highlight some of the advantages that the headquarters provides to local parishes, both individually and collectively?

In all fairness, the leadership of this church has failed in this regard.
A man who used his sweat to gather funds to acquire land and build a church also used his energy to build congregations. The only thing that can be identified with the headquarters is the use of the brand name. ”

He added, “If there can be structure on the ground on how returns are shared among the three stakeholders, that is the pastoral returns, the shepherd and clerics, and the parish.” We all know what the shepherd and cleric returns are meant for. We equally understand that the returns for the local parish are used to fund the daily operational expenses of the parish. Let us talk about the pastoral return.

To be candid, returns should be split into various units of the church for church growth and development. This should have no bearing on what the pastor is entitled to. At the same time, the pastor should not see the returns as his personal returns but rather what comes to the headquarters from various parishes to foster administrative expenses and other capital projects.”

Unfortunately, that is the root cause of infractions between the pastor and the registered BOT.
Part of it should be assigned to the parish for growth and expansion. This will encourage soul-winning and make the work easier for the local shepherds and clerics.

He stressed further, “It will propel them to be loyal and committed to the center.”
Part of the same pastoral returns should be set aside to develop Imeko city on a milestone basis, taking into consideration short-term, medium-term, and long-term project plans for execution. ”

Part of this pastoral return should be set aside for human capacity development, which includes training and reinforcement training of our shepherds and clergy. This should be allocated to the seminary. It is totally wrong not to have a set allocation for the seminary. Anyway, I hope the report of DKH will really dwell on how the seminary will be funded.

Another angle is that part of these pastoral returns should be used to cater for the widows and children of any deceased shepherds and clergy. When they know you have their interest at heart, they will be loyal and committed to you.”

Finally, Ogbaisi said, the pastoral returns should also accommodate the future of the church through youth development and investment allocation to boost wealth creation for the church.
Provide all of these and watch what happens.

It is high time we hold our leaders and elders accountable to do the right thing collectively for the development of our church and, above all, to depopulate the kingdom of hell.


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