The Celestial Church Of Christ That I Cannot Find- Mary Shofowora

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She is one of the few Celestial Church women using their God-giving talents to impact their environment. For this delectable woman of essence, her online evangelism which she has been doing religiously for close to a decade now is something that our youth should emulate.

Her daily devotional article she often syndicates to all nooks and crannies of Celestial groups on social media is enough to consider her work being noble but you will be shocked that Mary Shofowora, has not attended Celestial Church of Christ for a very long time after about 15 years of her selfless service to God in the vineyard at Holy Michael Cathedral Parish, Egbe 1 , Agodo, Egbe, Ikotun , Lagos Nigeria.

The reason is simply because, since she moved to her place of abode, she has never found a single tent with the logo of Celestial Church let alone a building. She worships at a Catholic church around her area while she comes back home to watch Celestial church service online with her husband and children. Her story is inspiring but you will learn something from it.

“When I was young and growing up, I was made to understand that Celestial Church Of Christ is world-wide, meaning there is a parish in every nook and cranny all around the world but now I find that difficult to believe. Ask me why because I cannot find a single CELESTIAL Church Of Christ parish to worship in the whole of the north-east of England.

I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne but Hebburn to be precise which is located in the North-eastern part of England. Newcastle Upon Tyne is a city with diverse cultures. Cities are strategic places for the spread of the gospel. They always have been. The apostle Paul took the gospel from city to city and so also to rural and developing areas around the world. (Psalm 48:1-8).

Cities tend to be places where culture is formed. Many of the spheres of influence emanate from the city, including government, politicians and law-makers; arts and entertainment; business and the marketplace; universities and other places of education; media and communication centres. The river of influence tends to flow from the city to the suburbs and rural areas. The way to transform a culture is to transform the city.

It is not surprising, therefore, that cities have always had an important role in the purposes of God. In particular, one city to the suburbs and rural areas in Newcastle Upon Tyne  has been without a single ‘ CELESTIAL PARISH more than a decade now  and yet we claim  it is a world-wide church that will cleanse  the whole world but can this be true?

Imagine in this 21st century that our beloved CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST is not yet known or been  heard of in some part of the  United Kingdom, what a shame and a slap on the faces of our so  called leaders and elders who are busy syphoning and looting the treasury of the church for personal interest rather than using the money to propagate and spread the gospel to the whole wide world.

Majority of the shepherds prefer to settle in many of the over populated cities where they can commit all sorts of nefarious acts. And also most of them are afraid to take a challenge by leaving their comfort zone to spread the gospel.

Celestial Church Of Christ, we recently celebrated Seventy years of being in existence and with little or nothing to show for it, we cannot even boast of a well-constructed Celestial University to help our own children and the less privileged, not to talk of Celestial Church Of Christ hospitals that conform with international standards and many other projects to help the people and win souls for Christ Jesus. Even the glorious Imeko Cathedral has been lying fallow for more than 30 years now.

I’ m appealing to everyone, both young and old, male and female in the Celestial fold that it really matters how you use all that God has entrusted to you. You are supposed to use not only your money, but all the gifts God has given to you – including your time, education, job, skills and opportunities for the benefit of the Jehovah and his kingdom. (Deuteronomy 30:11-20)

Remember our Celestial Yoruba Hymn 694 & Hymn 172 in the English version that  says “Ka sise fun iwenumo emi wa, koluwa file wa pelu wa…. Let’s work for purification of our souls…”

What is our role in the church? This choice starts with our thoughts. Our thoughts become our words. Our words become our actions. Each day, choose life-giving thoughts and let us join hands together to spread the gospel in all the rural and developing areas in and around the world to win more souls for Jehovah and as you do, may God bless you all.”

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11 responses to “The Celestial Church Of Christ That I Cannot Find- Mary Shofowora”

  1. Ibukunoluwapelumi says:

    Pls is there any celestial church now in Newcastle,if there is any please let me know
    Thanks .

  2. Adedayo says:

    I can find celestial church of Christ around me,. I live at Newcastle

  3. Adedoyin says:

    HALLELUYAH everyone, I live in South Shields. Tyne wear. And no celestial church around me. Please help a sister.
    Thank you very much.

  4. Pius Oyakhilome says:

    May God continue to lead and direct us aright . Finding this very difficult to believe if not from this source….

  5. Oluseyi Wonder says:

    Jehovah is on the throne.
    sister mary really nail it well, but i think i need to hammer it harder. Many shepherd use many of our talented youths for personal gain & individual glory. Because i refuse to praise a shepherd’s wife during ministration, i was slapped & banned from owode & some shepherd prefer i work 4 them only & not 2 minister elsewhere because of #12,000 per ministration day or #20,000 for vigil.
    our problem have to do with (1)misinterpretation of celestial mission & vision statement (2) leadership (3) chameleon instead of rainbow.
    i tell u d truth if we build school or hospital it will be d same old story if we do not tackle the above points. If not that i have been given revelation to stay in celestial i would have been a rccg pastor like my elder brother. I just pray not to wait in vain.
    Jehovah be with u sister mary.

  6. Samuel ifeoluwa oluwakayode says:

    God bless you mum. She’s more, and does more than what has been written here, my prayers for her always is that God will bless and use all her children more than He is using her. Amen!

    And for the real message “celestial church of Christ” I will rather talk about Christianity than just the fold. Please pardon me incase you prefer we just dwell on the fold. I strongly believe that when we truly have the heart(ambition) of Christ then we won’t have to complain about just A PART, I believe that the church(building), School/University, and hospital is just a part or a means, what is most important is having the heart(ambition) of Christ because it will be another big error if celestial church of Christ establishes her own University that will charge the same or a little more or a little less than the christian universities we have today! I don’t know if we are aware that most of the missionary schools( I’m not sure if universities are included) are financially furnished and maintained from the poor and struggling church members pocket whose children doesn’t even attend the school because of the high tuition or School fee. So tell me what the schools do with the accrued funds? This is the reason why I think the first and most important issue is discovering and pursuing the ambition of Christ.
    NOTE: Please, feel free to correct/scold/criticize me if I’m wrong anywhere.
    God bless us all and wishing every celestian a happy anniversary in advance

  7. Adewale Aberuagba says:

    God bless sister mary, our problem in this fold is about leadership,it is not about soul wining anymore,its about self other denomnations what you will see is rapid development look at imeko project noting to write home about .our 70th annuversary ought to be in sobber reflection.May God sanitize this church

  8. Olufunmi ibk says:

    You are bless ma

  9. Oliwatoworship Imoudu Psalm I says:

    God bless you my sister. Celestial is yet to get to the peak of its calling. Our leaders do not care at all and they are really lacking behind. May God help us in this fold in Jesus name.

  10. Tawakalitu OluwatoPraise OBATULA says:


  11. Abiola Oluwaseun Michael says:

    This is powerful.
    I am proud of sister Mary ,She’s an elder and loving sister to me.
    I know she will take the gospel to the whole world.

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