The Difference Between Altar Water ‘Omi Ori Pepe’ And Sanctification Water

July 4, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Church Build-up / 1 Comment »

So many questions have been asked by Celestians about the difference between altar (Omi Ori Pepe) and that of Sanctification water but no convincing clarification has been given so far.

Running through the social media, a concerned member reacting to the question raised concerning the difference said that the altar water is just ordinary water on the altar but when it is being placed there, it becomes more powerful and effective while the Sanctification Water is being placed before the Altar. And also, there’s a need for it to be prayed upon with Psalm 24 before being placed in front of the altar with 3 candles lighted around the water.

Though Some said there’s no difference since both water are still around the altar that both waters can work for what they want to use it for in the church. This is actually not incorrect, it all depends on individual faith and how well they can apply it.

During this argument, it became so serious and there was no conclusion whether both water have a different thing they work for in the church or not

Now dear readers, for some of us who wish to know the difference between Water on the Altar and the one being placed in front of the altar, kindly send your comment below to educate others.


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One response to “The Difference Between Altar Water ‘Omi Ori Pepe’ And Sanctification Water”

  1. Tayo Joseph Wolima says:

    To the best of my knowledge, both are sanctified water but they don’t serve the same purpose.
    Our everyday sanctified water is for cleansing externally, in respect to evil forces, sinful deeds before entering into the Lord’s sanctuary, expunging evil forces in places of work and surroundings etc.
    While on the other hand, the water placed on the altar is majorly used for healing, for the sick, the pregnant, the internally afflicted. Many times when I see the onibodes giving people sanctified water to drink, I keep quiet and pray to God to grant them their heart’s desires. Actually, sanctified water is not meant for drinking because of the chemical reaction of the perfume in it, but we have reversed its usage.

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