The Most Important Thing You Need to Know During Divination (Isona)

July 26, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Wordafresh / Add Comment »

Wanting to hear what the Lord is saying about one’s life is our habitual practice in the Celestial Church Worldwide. It is advisable to go for divination whenever one is having any difficulties or challenges to know which way to follow or what is expected to do to overcome as directed by the Holy Spirit. There are tremendous records of great deliverance and diverse testimonies when it comes to divination in the CCC.

There are things you need to know before going to any CCC parish for divination in order not to fall prey and make yourself vulnerable to circumstances. It should be noted that there are bad eggs everywhere, and there is no way to remedy this holistically because it was written that at the end time, many false prophets would arise, performing fake miracles and giving people false messages to deceive them, and we are already at the end time.

Many so-called prophets of psychology are simply looking for a way to reach you and have nothing to offer. They are the ones who probe you about your life before disclosing what their God has shown them. Many prophets belong to one or more occult groups and they have washed their eyes to even see what you ate last night, but don’t be too happy until they reach a consensus on the message given to you. You will discover such a prophet would start itemizing what they needed to buy for you to be believed, in which many of their materials( ram, duck, candles of different colours) are against what was used in CCC as revealed to the founder. This is a strong warning to discern that you are in the wrong hands. Most of them can only see the vision but have no solutions to what they saw but only to dupe you.

If you go for any divination, never say a word aside from your silent prayers prayed on a stick of candle. If the prophet truly called by the Holy Spirit would reveal to him what to do to deliver you from your oppressor, Never answer any question if you believe it will help you solve your problem. Be warned.


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