The Need For External Body In CCC

November 19, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / On The Spot / 1 Comment »

There should be a need for an external body governing the church, now you might be asking why right? The reason is this, if there’s an external body governing the church there won’t be too much power governing and controlling many offices recklessly. Factions won’t be much in the Church. Going to court today and tomorrow will not exist, because there’s an external body.

These external bodies will determine the salary of workers, transfer of Shepherds, and others including the Pastor himself. Anointment, Ipin funds will be monitored and not the whole of the Oshoffa family will be in charge.

These external bodies will organize and make sure the church projects are done without interference. Smaller parishes will also have the privilege to seek assistance for their church too, with the help of these external bodies.

This external body will be outside the church entirely and can also be sanctioned, giving punishment to the hands that offend. If a Shepherd commutes an offense, they’ll be the ones to decide what to do to such a Shepherd without publicizing it. When the pastor himself embezzled money, whatever punishments he deserves should be measured on him.

I think if it’s this way, CCC will definitely improve and move forward. “Ijo yi ko le baje” The Church wasn’t created with the wisdom and knowledge of humans but Jesus Christ Himself. We shouldn’t be running the church like a politician.


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One response to “The Need For External Body In CCC”

  1. Fatusin Zachariah omotayo says:

    Not just possible,can we bring a Togolese to rule Nigeria? Let’s just beg GOD for the right direction.

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