The Only Legacy Papa Oshoffa Left For His Children Is Celestial Church- Deborah Oshoffa

November 17, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Virtuous Women / Add Comment »

deborah-oshoffaWithout mincing words, there are big challenges currently being faced by the famous Oshoffa’s family. The notable name in Celestial Church may be having their own person on the seat of authority but they are still not comfortable with the way things are with the church, most especially, the Oshoffa dynasty.

One of the daughters of the late clergyman and founder of Celestial Church of Christ, SBJ Oshoffa, Deborah, a few hours ago spilled the beans and said she doesn’t give a hoot whose ox is gored.

Hear her, “Come, let us reason together…. My mind seems so confused and I really need to share my thoughts. I could be wrong but I will say my mind the way I feel and if I hurt any of you. Accept my apology in advance.

Can CCC be separated from the name Oshoffa? Was Papa too humble that he put his family at the mercy of Celestians who really feel he didn’t do anything special? Who only enjoy the grace, fame and riches the name has brought them? Who are the people gaining from the disunity they have created in Oshoffa’s family and CCC in general from time immemorial?

Sincerely this morning, i don’t care anymore. Celestial members need to know the only legacy papa left for us, his family is CCC. We don’t say we own CCC but please let us have peace in our family; let us have the family our daddy left behind. Have your ambitions, let your pride control you but let us be…. if CCC is your personal property have it. I want my Oshoffa family back. My family, the envy of all families.

God has being faithful since PAPA left us and he promised he will never failed us…We will not like Esau sell away our birth right for a plate of porridge. Our father left us a name, worth to us so much. Don’t push us more than you have done!”

Now who is she referring to here? Many questions, no answer!!!


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