The Place Of Black Soap In CCC… Perhaps This Prophet Is Wrong To Use It For Spiritual Work

June 1, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Give & Take / Add Comment »

Spiritual Work in Celestial Church of Christ are in different ways but that of joy soap is part of it, which many Celestians are aware of, though, faith in Christ is all we need to make things happen.

Nowadays a lot of things are happening among CCC Prophets and Shepherds which we need to be careful about.

Many Prophets and Shepherds in CCC are now switching to replacing black soap instead with joy soap for Spiritual Work for members of Celestial Church of Christ.

Should we say Joy soap isn’t working again or we no longer have faith in God anymore? Most shepherds are now mixing items or buying items from that ‘ elewe omo’ to conduct Spiritual Work for members in CCC.

People have to be very careful with the way they request soap for progress or success because we now have herbalists among Prophets and Shepherds in Celestial Church of Christ who parade themselves as true Prophets of CCC.

It is now from Joy soap to another thing we know nothing about which they’re mixing with. The beliefs in the Spiritual items in Celestial Church of Christ are no longer powerful and effective to so many prophets and shepherds anymore.

Yahoo guys have pushed so many shepherds and prophets into mixing black soap with another thing and they call it blessings work, this is what many shepherds and Prophets are into nowadays.

Are many shepherds in CCC still working on the Prophetic mandate of Papa Oshoffa? It is now a doubt because of the terrifying Spiritual works being done by them.

Beware of any Spiritual Work or soap being given on what we call blessing work…only the name of Christ alone is enough on joy or Lux soap and you will see wonder!


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