The Rate Of Fornication/Adultery Is On The Increase- Imoleayo Maforikan

April 27, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Virtuous Women / 1 Comment »

It’s a known fact that we can’t choose our lives, but we can decide what to do with the joys or grieves we are given. So, for those cheating on their spouses, it is like throwing away a diamond and picking up fool’s gold.

Daughter of late Celestial factional leader, Rev. Paul Suuru Maforikan, Imoleayo, she seems to be sending a message to adulterers and fornicators that they can’t actually eat their cake and still have it back.

Here is what she posted less than 20 minutes ago.

“The rate of fornication and adultery is increasing, and the way God is dealing with fornicators and adulterers…just wait till it’s your turn. When you are suffering don’t blame your wife/husband. Some men will even go to the extent of comparing themselves to their father if they are from polygamous home. Sleeping with different people is like making covenant with them, and when you sleep with the wrong one and again sleep with your wife/husband who knows how that is affecting his/her glory. I know some men will even open some bible verses where men of God fornicate, so it’s normal for them. You don’t mess up with some women #anusemi #justsaying.”

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One response to “The Rate Of Fornication/Adultery Is On The Increase- Imoleayo Maforikan”

  1. Lizzy says:

    I pray they listen to this.

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