The Reason Behind Unregistered Parishes Cluttering The Streets In Every State

August 11, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Give & Take / Add Comment »

Most big parishes called cathedrals in CCC today are the citadels of the devil and his agents. How would two shepherds in a parish be at the same time?

The transferring of shepherds in Celestial Church is nothing to write home about. Shepherd must be assigned to a parish before being transferred. Unless the shepherd does not have a letter of credence as a testimony of his appointment to the parish, And if the new one didn’t show the same letter, he was supposed not to be allowed in the parish.

But politics in the Celestial Church is changing the church into something else these days. There is a caucus in the house of God. In some cases members want the old shepherd to retain his position as a shepherd in the parish, while some of the members want the new shepherd to be appointed in the parish. There is no love and unity again in the house of God to the extent that members are now loyalists to one shepherd or the other.

If a shepherd’s transfer is authentic, there is no way two shepherds can be in a parish concurrently. Our leaders are killing this church big time. Some shepherds would claim they belong to the diocese and not the trustee and vice versa. This division in the church of God is behind unregistered parishes’ clutter everywhere because many want to own their parish to save themselves from the wrongdoings of our leaders.

Our leaders should ask God to help them do the right thing at the right time before this issue of transferring shepherds gets out of hand.


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