The Responsibilities Of A Pastor/Shepherd And The Sheep

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In furtherance to my last article, let us examine Separation of Roles.

Pastors, Shepherds, evangelists etc should make sure their calling is in line with Christ’s assignment to humanity. This is mainly spiritual counseling and emotional development of members. Jesus Christ in His ministry was always looking after the welfare of people of the community as detailed in Isaiah 61:1-2. This was further ascertained after His demise when He appeared and ordered Peter to “feed my sheep,” John 21:17.

And as the work progressed and members increased, the apostles called for the need to maintain their identified calling thereby creating the needed welfare management of the multitude (Acts 6:2-6). This is the confirmation of the need for differentiation of roles in the church of God as detailed in Jeremiah 2: 7-8

With this, it is clear that it is the responsibility of the management committee to provide conducive environment for the pastors/shepherds etc to “feed the sheep”. Pastors /Shepherds should realise that Jesus’ instructions for them is contained in Luke 10:3-9.

The Blue Book of CCC clearly stipulates that church property does not belong to any individual or group of persons ….(read CCC ‘Constitution’- Blue Book on Church Property ..180 & 181) this indicates that they should be used for effective management of the church.

In my submission, the pastor / shepherd is the spiritual head of the church and he has the right to know about all activities and developments in the church. However, he has no autocratic right to do whatever he feels in the church. He has the right to request for financial need in the church and the management council also has the right to query the need and work more for the interest of the church and not just the pastor/shepherd.

-Omoba ‘Bisi Odukoya

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