The Return Of Tokunbo ‘Esabod’ Aboderin To CCC Fold

September 5, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / On The Spot / 2 Comments »


We have a great deal of work to do to win people to Christ and raise true giants in God’s Kingdom and not in any other way. This task is for our leaders, elders, shepherds, and prophets. Everybody is welcome to visit or worship at a church.
Now it is the pastor’s or the shepherd’s responsibility to preach and instruct them in the path and the Word of God.

Nothing particularly noteworthy has happened as a result of the money issue at our church. Many of the celebrities who are declaring their membership to the Celestial Church still need Christ. The fact that so many of them are not truly born again should serve as a wake-up call for our shepherds and prophets. I am not here to judge anybody but by their fruits, we shall know them says the Holy book.

After spending many years away, the Dublin blogger, Madam Esther Tokunbo Aboderin (Esabod) was captured in a photo returning to the Celestial Church. I assume she stopped attending church a long time ago. She is revealed to be a prophetess, not an ordinary member, by looking at the images.

How could someone with such a rank make such a bold choice? What may have happened, given her standing in the church spiritually, to cause her to cease attending services?

What transpired, in your opinion, that caused her to stop attending church? Are we suggesting that she has never attained spiritual maturity or that church leaders have given her the status because she has never deserved it spiritually? The majority of Madam Esabod’s postings and comments on her social media accounts serve as evidence that she has been a bit far away from the Celestial teaching and doctrine of Christ.

What type of army are we building in our church for Christ? Our shepherds need to pick their candidates wisely for anointment. Anointment should not be something you buy with fame or money, but rather something you gain spiritually. For the wise, one word is sufficient.


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2 responses to “The Return Of Tokunbo ‘Esabod’ Aboderin To CCC Fold”

  1. Remma says:

    I sincerely wish there could be a massive change to that but as it stands many structures have to be visited again in Ccc cos our understanding of spirituality isn’t just what it is and it’s so clear but we don’t care except for few. God help us all.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    This is the situation we find ourselves , spirituality is no more a criteria but fame nd wealth how then do we change people’s opinion about our church been “fetish”?? I wail for the future of CCC

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