The Secret Power Of SBJ Oshoffa As Revealed By A Pentecostal Believer

May 5, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 4 Comments »

The truth to set us free! A friend, a member of a Pentecostal church who incidentally happens to be my friend on all my social media networks called my attention to series of issues he reads about our church online. I was touched hearing good things about Papa Oshoffa from him. He said he was a genuine man of God who was called for a purpose but a lot of ‘his followers are not tapping from his anointing’. He’s a member of Daystar Church.

He said his sister who is married to a shepherd in Ogijo area of Ikorodu was only told by SBJ Oshoffa to go buy three types of fruits during her encounter with him in 1984, when she brought them before him, he said eat them then after that he said, go and meet your husband.

He said his sister, two months after that incident,  was pregnant and had a set of twins. The next pregnancy produced another set of twins and later a single delivery, a boy, making all her children to be 5. “This was a woman who was married for 13 years without even miscarriage but now blessed with five children who are all doing well in their fields of study.”He said, the founder must have gone, but we should endeavour to put up a structure that will immortalise the late sage, SBJ.

Whatever we build on the legacy he left behind should be our utmost priority.

Hmmm, this is serious o!!!

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4 responses to “The Secret Power Of SBJ Oshoffa As Revealed By A Pentecostal Believer”

  1. Famakinde Tolulope TG-BABA says:

    Ijo mimo, the celestial church baba Oshoffa left is not the same as is existing now. Most celestial churches oday have entered or are practicing occult members.

    i have seen many, Papa Oshoffa laid down some laws, tenets and curses before he died, but today, those tenets are forgotten or hidden even to new birthed celestial members.

    Do you know? Papa laid curse for any colour usage of candle in celestial church apart from white. The instructions given at Agange is straight, just s luli luli is straight.

    Do you know Papa Oshoffa made use of coconut twice in all his ears of ministry?

    Do you know certain songs were reedited in cele and Papa countered those hymns, such as: Baba Joko senu tempili.

    Do you know there are instructions that high beats must not be played along some powerful songs in celestial, and some sacred songs that should only be sung in a prophetic celestial desperaion, such as “Baba, ni wakati yi” and others,

    but now, reverse is the case… CELESTIAL COME BACK.. AM A REDEEMER RCCG MEMBER, But i believe cele, and i look forward to seeing all churches become one, not one saying am celestial, another says winners, redeem, etc.

    Let me stop here.

  2. john says:

    To those who did not believe celestial church is send down to this earth by God to help deliver many people from bondage an make them know that God is real in his world.this is a church of light upon the as much many give thier life to Christ an follow his commandment God will save them.I thank God that I an my family is a member of celestial.God has been doing wonders in our life so don’t waste your time for get what people may says concerning you.the bible say many are been destroy because of lack of wisedom an knowledge

  3. Ajiun Falokun. says:

    Olorun nbe bi t’atijo.
    Awa l’ao sin baba,
    bi t’atijo.
    God of celestial is still alive.

  4. Omo cele ni mi says:

    The God of Oshoffa is the same as the God of Elijah, Elisha, Paul, Silas and all the other Prophets, apostles of old. He is still the same iyesterday, today and forever. He has not changed but it His creations that has changed. We are not ready to be committed to Him as the old worshippers but we want Him to answer us as in the time of our fathers.

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