The Spirit Of Dove And Not Cow: Warnings To Celestial’s Prophets/Prophetess

November 11, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 5 Comments »

prophetess-on-fireI strongly believe this few note will change somebody’s perception about the unknown in Celestial Church.

In case you don’t know, HALLE-ELU-IYA (The sound of messages speaking by some prophets or prophetess in our church today is merely perception). The important is giving the real and genuine messages not focusing on mere tone.

So many people copied this, hoping that if you haven’t used that traditional way to give a message you are not in spirit…. NO WAY!!!

I started seeing vision when I was 7-year-old and till date I am still giving messages without the flavour of Halle-elu-iya.

Don’t get me wrong before any criticism begins, I am not saying people using such tones are not real but rather trying to correct the issue of perception for the younger generation to come.

I know nobody has ever thought about it or probably it escapes one’s mind.

You just have to get wisdom before some people will tell you it is a tenet, “ILANA”

Secondly, the scripture says “And the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove”  the word like a dove means “Peacefully”

The spirit of God will not scatter the whole church, the scriptures described it as a “DOVE” not as the spirit of “COW” so you need to be careful in scattering our peaceful mood(Like some people will tell you when you ask them to fast for just 7days “Olorun Ijo Mimo O’roro” (God of Celestial is not fastidious) In the process of scattering the church, you might injure someone else who is in bad condition but looking for way out, and don’t forget church is met for majorities that are looking unto God for all sort of things such as (Healing, Jobs, etc) in a situation where by someone else is thinking and you have used your ‘EMI, to disorganize things, you have not being fair… Hmmmmmm.

Let me peg my spiritual pen here till next time I come your way again…

May the God Almighty grant us divine wisdom to move this great church forward in Jesus Name.

Criticism is allowed.

Fisayo Joel.

5 responses to “The Spirit Of Dove And Not Cow: Warnings To Celestial’s Prophets/Prophetess”

  1. yomi Newton says:

    my home take too. I once had something as a student that I had another injured and the fellow needed stitches. . thank God for good understanding. I learnt the maturity in spirit , you don’t need to rustle to be in spirit ,the most important thing is one’s spiritual integrity, if one is truly informed and instructed to pass the message. I believe the more the word of God that’s shared, at any gathering,the nurturing and good spiritual representation

  2. Lady D says:

    Though what you said may be right to some extends. But the picture you posted does not correlate with your topic….therefore your message cannot have much effect on people! My advice to you is that you should go and learn how to do “‘matching of words & images” properly. May God empower you to do His will at all times.

  3. Super says:

    After reading am sure you are divided against yourself, from the picture you used having no relevance to your write up to your article lacking content, please next time make sure you understand your article properly before putting it out.

  4. Miss Byass says:

    please why do you use the prophetess picture, how does it go with your story ?I guess you are a communicator , and should not use false pictures to get people to read your story.

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