The Spiritual Meaning Of The Door Of The Tabernacle By Ambassador Victor  Akpojotor

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After we pass the altar of burnt-offering and the laver of brass, we come to the door of the holy place.

The description. Exodus 26:36 – A hanging screen or curtain, made of sky-blue, purple, wrought with scarlet needle-work, of fine-twined linen. Exodus 26:37 – Five (5) pillars of wood overlaid with gold. The hooks also made of gold. Five (5) sockets of brass (to support the pillars).

The spiritual meaning.

The colours of the curtains used in the gate, the door, the veil and in the Tabernacle-curtain, as well as the colours in the ephod of the high priest, are all the same and their spiritual teaching refer to the walk in faith of Jesus Christ in His incarnation, in His four-fold identity:

At  the  door: Outside  =  you  are  in  God’s  territory,  but  in  the  domain  of  the  court. Inside  =  In  the  holy  place. The  spiritual  meaning  of: Outside  the  door  =  one  is  saved,  yet  standing  in  the  domain  of  the  law,  namely  the  domain  of  the  flesh  that  still  has  to  be  mortified  and  judged. Inside  the  door  =  to  be  baptized  in  the  Holy  Spirit.  In  this  domain  there  is communion  with  Christ  through  His  Word:  not  by  the  flesh  but  by  the  Holy Spirit,  Who  will  help  us  in  growing,  shining,  fruit-bearing  and  in  our  worship to  God.  (True  worship  is  in  spirit  and  truth).

The  five  pillars  of  the  door. The  5  pillars  refer  to  5  persons  who  testified  and  confirmed  that  Jesus  truly  is the  door.  In  the  Gospel  of  John,  chapter  5,  this  door  is  revealed. In  John  5:1-30  Jesus  already  revealed  Himself  in  the  4  main  qualities  of  His Person,  namely  as:

  • The perfect  Servant  (verse  17)  – John  5:1-18;
  • The Son  of  God  – John  5:19-23;
  • The King  – Ruler  of  Life  and  Death  and  executing  judgment John  5:24-27a;
  • The Son  of  Man  – John  5:27b.


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